Alternative to the Miracle Blanket- Swaddling Question

Updated on October 13, 2011
S.L. asks from Moab, UT
9 answers

Unfortunately my 4.5 month old hHAS to be swaddled @ night and she is getting out of the miracle blanket bc she wiggles so much. Any other options out there that are freakishly tight?

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answers from Tampa on

After the first month, swaddling isn't a great idea... it constricts movement and makes it harder for the baby to get the muscle tone and to 'open' the extremities to their normal station.

Get a sleep sack.

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answers from Houston on

I saw muslin at target in the baby section. It's larger and stretches nicely. If that had been around when I was swaddling my baby, I sooooo would have gotten it. Her blankets either got too small or were elongated instead of square. She also wiggled out of the swaddleme wrap.

You've just got to get the hang of how to really swaddle, but I think the muslin would be perfect.

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answers from Tampa on

Sleep sack, they are more comfortable.

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm no authority but I think swaddling is for new born infants and to help them feel secure and safe in the first days after birth. I did wrap my little ones in baby blankets but the arms were free and they were secure in the blanket so felt warm and secure. I would not swaddle a child that old. They need to move around even at night and be able to turn or whatever. At some point it becomes a straight jacket in my thinking. Maybe I'm wrong. Try a blanket or if they still have them a blanket sleeper that doesn't have feet and zips up the front. It keeps them warm and covered.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I swaddled for 6 months. Once they outgrew their original swaddle blankets, I sewed 4 together to make one very large square and swaddled with that. I used the 5 S technique by Dr. Harvey Karp. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I would try muslin with a double swaddle. If you don't know what I'm talking about just search double swaddle on You Tube and you'll find how-to instructions.



answers from Gainesville on

Check out the woombie:



answers from Dallas on

At about this time, we transitioned DD out of the swaddle because she was getting out of so frequently. We used the PekeMoe ( to transition and it worked beautifully.



answers from Detroit on

There probably are more options out there since my daughter's swaddling days, but I recall using that all purpose solution--duct tape. Really.

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