Alternative to Poly Vi Sol with Iron

Updated on October 17, 2010
C.S. asks from Channahon, IL
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My pediatrician has recommended Poly Vi Sol with Iron for my 14 1/2 month old son. His iron tested a little low at his last checkup. I want to give him a daily vitamin. Is there an alternative product? The Poly Vi Sol stains everything, smells terrible, and makes my son's breath smell terrible for hours. I try to hide in all kinds of food, but he can sense it a mile away and spits it out. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

Many foods are fortified with iron...iron kids bread, cheerios, many foods! Sounds like he might be a little anemic. Kids really need the iron for proper brain function. Talk to your doctor about alternatives.
Here is a great link:

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answers from Minneapolis on

Liver powder is tasteless and can easily be mixed in with yogurt, even ice cream. Dessicated liver powder is cheap and has the most absorbably iron content because its natural. You cna find it online or at any health food store.

Poly vi sol won't be absorbed by a child as easily because its not natural. Make sure your child gets enough sunshine, and cut back on dairy because it will hinder iron absorption if he's taking too much cows milk dairy.



answers from Dallas on

We gave the kids My Kids Iron or my iron kids ....something like that. Our pedi recommended it instead of poly vi sol. It still stains, but smells sweet and the kids didn't mind it.



answers from Dallas on

Can you just feed him food that are high in iron instead? Just a thought.



answers from Bloomington on

Can you try giving him iron rich food instead?

like jaggery (found at indian stores) or dates? or green leafy veggies (creamed spinach, or spinach soup)?

I was not very lucky keeping poly vi sol in my daughter's tummy and I resorted to natural sources instead.



answers from Erie on

The key to iron absorption is coupling it with Vitamin C. So, for instance, eat your eggs with orange juice. I have had friends have great luck with a chlorophyll supplement, same idea as the juice, it helps with absorption.
I always became anemic when I was pregnant, and couldn't stomach the pills so I ate liver every week and that did the trick. But, I like liver, not everyone does.



answers from Kansas City on

How low is a little low? I couldn't stand Poly Vi Sol and I don't use it. Flinstones makes a 2-3 year old vitamin. Maybe you could ask your pedi if you could cut it in half, grind/crush it down and mix it with his cereal (they're supposed to be chewed anyway).

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