Updated on August 29, 2008
A.H. asks from Plano, TX
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My daughter needs to have some pants taken up. I am in the Plano area - can anyone recommend a taylor that won't cost an arm and a leg to have done? Last time we had this done it was $20 for 1 pair of shorts. Ridiculous for a 10 year old. Thanks in advance.

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I can't remember the name but it is on Parker and Parkwood (1 block east of the Tollway). In the same center as Tom Thumb but it faces Parkwood. They have been pretty reasonable for me but I have never gotten kids clothes done. good luck



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I go to willowbend mall and upstairs next to Dillards they have an alterations place. It costs me $9.


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Oh GEES... I go to A1 or #1 ALterations. I forget if it is A1 or #1.

The girl there is great and I take things to her often. I have never paid that much! I have her patch knees in jeans, hem, sew buttons on, repair zippers, etc. She always has it ready when she says she will. Seems like she is there all the time.

She is located on the SW corner of Independence and Legacy by the pool supply place. There is an old closed down Albertson's there, Boston Market, Baskin Robbins and Pool Supply place.

Sorry I don't have her number on hand.



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Same as below, I take all my clothes to A1 or #1 Alterations at Independence. I can't remember either. I have been taking my clothes there for years & the woman who owns it is very sweet and anytime something isn't done the way I want she will redo it usually for free.

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