Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat, Does It Come Apart?

Updated on November 08, 2010
J.T. asks from Kalkaska, MI
6 answers

I have an alpha omega elite car seat and no one can figure out how to take it apart to wash and I have a puker. Please help!!! I cant hose it in the winter.

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answers from Detroit on

If you can't figure it out, you can always take it in the bathtub and wipe/rinse it down.


answers from Dallas on

I have the same car seat, I just wash it & blow dry it. Its nice to know that it comes apart. Sorry your little one is up chucking hope your little one gets to feeling better. Also, glad to hear others have the same car seat so many mothers on here down it; instead of thinking a car seat is better than none at all. Love my Alpha O.Elite.



answers from New York on

I may have a different alpha and omega car seat from a few years ago. I had to cut 2 pieces of elastic to be able to remove and wash the cover. It was a pain but doable (I've done it maybe 4 times in 3 years and only one was because of the kid puking). I was able to machine wash and air dry the cover and then tie the elastic I cut back together. If you have a kid that throws up often maybe you can get a cover to go over the whole seat that is easy to take off and wash. I have seen hand made ones on ebay if you don't sew. If you do sew I'd get a waterproof crib mattress cover for underneath and fleece or another easy to wash fabric for the outside.



answers from Detroit on

Try the shower if you can't get it apart.



answers from Detroit on

I have one and like Katie B. said it is doable but does take some time. Sorry not much help but a second opinion that it can come apart may help.


answers from Milwaukee on

I have one, it took awhile to figure it out. Look at the instructions, if you do not have them look them up on line they do help. It does take time to take apart, then put together after washing but worth it.

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