Almost Every Time My 18Mth Old Son Cries He Yawns.

Updated on July 07, 2009
A.M. asks from Brooklyn, NY
4 answers

Hi moms.Almost every time my 18 mth old cries,he yawns.Should I be worried,could this be a sign that something else is wrong.Thanks alot.Abby.

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answers from Albany on

From experience as a child and having three boys of my own....when a child cries, thye are using a lot of energy just like you use more mouth muscle to frown than to smile...they say. They also say that when you yawn it's because you need oxygen. If you're tired, less oxygen perhaps and yawn and then go to sleep. It doesn't sound so serious. When he cries and then yawns, perhaps he cried because he was tired?
You're doing great to question things new to you. Keep up the good work.



answers from New York on

I'm not a professional,however, when you cry you use up a lot of oxygen. Seems to me he yawns in order to take in a deep breath and replace the lost oxygen. Yes??

Enjoy your son, I.



answers from New York on

people yawn to get more oxygen. So maybe when he cries, he's not getting enough air. Or maybe he is crying b/c he was tired in the first place. Doesn't sound too serious...


answers from New York on

I was thinking the same thing as Irene. Yawning just your body's way of getting more oxygen into your system so maybe he's just in need to oxygen to cry some more.

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