Almost 5 Month Old on Zyrtec and Pulmicort

Updated on August 25, 2008
A.M. asks from Savannah, GA
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My baby is normally a happy child. She has been wheezing a bit so they put her on both meds. I guess it is just the season, I had to hit my own inhaler yesterday. But five months old is still so young, especially with the Pediatrician saying they don't normally diagnose asthma til about 9 months. The zyrtec seems to burn her throat, so i've taken to mixing it with a teaspoon or so full of milk. She has only had two days worth of the pulmicort. She fought like a trooper yesterday with that mask on, so today i tried propping her up with one hand and holding the mask in the other (without that thing around her head). It went much better.This morning she was sluggish, whiney and gurgling while lying on her back. Is this normal?

She is already on the similac sensitive RS. So I don't think it could be a milk allergy.

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So What Happened?

Thank you far we have not been back to the doctor, but I have been giving her the Zyrtec and the pulmicort. They seem to be helping. I don't "hear" (without a stethoscope) any wheezing. And, I have also watched the amount of chemicals I use, which was always a forethought with me.

Will let you know more soon.

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answers from Charleston on

I would absoluty be getting a second opinion. The meds she is on can be very damaging for a 5 month old! Chiropractic care would really benefit her! It is safe and wonderful! You have nothing to loose by taking her and if they cant help, they will send you to someone who can. Best of luck to you guys!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi A.,
I know how frustrated you must feel. I have gone through similiar situations with my children. I highly reccomend Chirpractic Care. My son use to be on all the meds and would end up in the Er for breathing treatments. I have diligently brought him to the chiropractor and I am happy to report he is medicine and ER visit free for 2 years now. We spend far less on Chiropractic Care then we ever did with co-pays and medicine fees not to mention down time with a sick child. Dr. Eric is the Owner of Healthsprout in Woodstock he offers a free evaluation and consultation. Just let them know I sent you. He can be reached @ ###-###-####
Good Luck,
B. B

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both my girls were on Pulmocort. They needed it and although I'm very picky, based on my research and how much I trusted my doctor, I kept them on. However, I almost always made the doc explain AGAIN why they needed it and when to administer it. I feel I have earned some sort of medical degree by association now!

Always get a 2nd opinion if you have questions. It's your child!!!!


answers from Spartanburg on

I see you have some great advice so will not say too much but have kept you in my in box till I had time to respond so... I beleive in preventative care but of course you are beyond that now. Sounds like you understand about the txic cleaners too so that is a great start. I have some info I would recomend on asthma and strengthening a childs immune system if you are interested. I have done a lot of research as I am a mother of 11 and now also a wellness consultant recommending Shaklee products. If you are interested in hearing more or having me send you info just let me know. Otherwise I will know you got all the help you need.




answers from Savannah on

My son has also used Pulmicort for months on end 1 time a day. I was really really reluctant to do it for such a prolonged period of time, but with more info from the doctor and my husband I chose to do it. I think the thing that hit me the most is that everytime they have and outbreak(wheezing spell) that it scars their lung and those scars will be there forever, so the Pulmicort is to help prevent future occuarnces. Also I was told that when they do have these terrible outbreaks and they have to go to the Dr. office to get a steroid shot, that that one shot has such a stong dose that you could have done the Pulimort for such an extended amount of time before you come even close to the same strength. As far as the mask, you do need it just hold it close to the childs face. It doesn't take long before they get usede to it. I hope this helps, and please ask you doctor a lot of questions before you do anything you feel uncomfortable with. You have the right to chose the best thing for your baby.



answers from Sumter on

I hope your daughter is feeling better.

PLEASE check into getting toxic products out of your home! Studies are showing more and more that cleaning products and personal care products can possibly lead to asthma, eczema, ADD/ADHD, Autism and many other health issues. Bleach, window cleaner and air freshners are especially bad for asthma as they can irritate the lungs. Formaldehyde (a suspected cancer causing agent) is also in MANY of the ordinary products you purchase on the store shelves (check for quaternium-15 in personal care products and baby shampoo) and can even lead to ear infections.

A child's body is still developing and has a VERY difficult time tolerating chemicals. Some of the products we use on a daily or weekly basis are known neuro-toxins! Please think about creating a healthier environment for your children, your family and yourself too!

Please investigate... Under "Know the Facts", you will find links where you can check out more information.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi A.,

I believe you should get a second opinion on both meds. Your little one is very small and, as I don't know much about Zyrtec, I DO know that the Pulmicort is a steroid that will thin her bones and cause a lot of damage down the road. Please be sure that this is what you want to use. The rule of thumb is one week on steroids, even topically, does as much damage to someone's bones as a woman going through menopause. (I was on a steroid for seven years during my chidhood.)

The wheezing could be from a synthetic allergen in your house such as a cleaning product or your laundry detergent that you can just get rid of or it could be that she needs a little help with her immune system. I was an older mom and I sure wish I had known some of the stuff I know now. Asthma should not be common. WE have introduced so many different chemicals into our homes, even down to our bath and body products, that they HAVE to contraindicate just like the chemicals in meds. Please visit my website and see if any thing there can help.





answers from Atlanta on

Milk will cause phlym, so I would talk to the doctor about what to mix it with



answers from Atlanta on

What is she eating? I would look at her diet. For children at this age, that is the first and foremost thing that you should be looking at. Many people try to treat symptoms without realizing that it could be what they are feeding them. Let me know what you are feeding her. Yes, babies can have allergies. Many have them or sensitivities to certain formulas, even to breast milk because of your diet. Has she had any ear infections? Rashes? Is she red or irritated around her anal area? Is she gassy or does she spit up allot? Has she always had congestion problems? These are all signs of allergies/sensitivities and some people don't realize that ear infections can be caused from ear infections. If they have recurring infections, LOOK AT THE DIET! (Frustration not directed to anyone on here....I care for children and some parents just don't get it.) BUT, I would take your baby back in if you are that concerned. It could be that the mucus is loosening up, but go with your gut. Maybe you should call your nurse to speak with her, and let her help you decide if you should go back in. I am curious to hear back from you. Good luck and I will be thinking about her.



answers from Atlanta on

I know some people might not be on board with this- but have youtried taking her to a Naturpath DR? I would...I wish I had known about them when my kids were babies. I am taking my 7 yr old now, but since she is so young- it would probably be easy to help her out without giving her medications....I would strongly advise against medicating such a young baby...just my opinion.
To answer your question, tho, I think the gurgling and whiney is normal for allergies AND being on meds...especially the pulmicort- it will mess up their sleep and make them irritable.
Good LUck



answers from Atlanta on

Asthma. Wow that is young. I wonder if she is having allergic reaction to something. Maybe something in the room like and aroma, detergent, fabric. Could it possibly be something she is ingesting? Another route could be chiropractic. I have heard good things about Lotus of Life practice in Decatur. Dr. Michael Scimeca in Roswell is someone I know and trust. I have seen the body respond very well to chiropractic over and over.
I had asthma as a child. It can be very scary for everyone. The drugs can often mess up our systems. Then again if it is necessary... I am glad they were available because my mom knew of no alternatives.
I fully understand your concern! I hope you find some great information regarding your situation.



answers from Atlanta on

How is the air quality/chemical/irritant exposure to your baby? Pets, standard chemicals, dust mites, mold/mildew, all led to my nephew's issues with this. If you're breastfeeding, could you try cutting out all dairy products for a few weeks? My sister-in-law has changed a lot in her home startig with



answers from Athens on

First of all, yes we have introduced so many extra chemicals into our lives that could possibly be causing extra respiratory problems in our children. But, isn't it interesting how it is always those who have something to sell you who will tell you to ignore the advice of your doctor?

Both my children have asthma. My daughter had RSV at 3 mos and was prescribed albuteral and pulmicort. We only used the pulmicort 2-3 times a day, not with every nebulizer treatment. My son was born 15 weeks early, so with under-developed lungs it was pretty much a given he was going to have respiratory problems.

What I did with them both, was hold them upright, and sing soft, calming songs in their ears while the nebulizer was doing it's thing. The machine is loud, which can be a bit scary, and they are being held down, which no one likes! You are right in that the mask doesn't have to be directly on her face to get the medicine into her lungs, and sometimes, when she cries, it enables the medicine to get deeper, as heart-wrenching as it is for us mommies to witness! Another thing my Mom, a neonatal intensive care RN, told me, once you have gotten the nasties loose with the neb, you need to knock it out, which we would accomplish by coughing. She got me one of those things they use to hack on babies backs when they're born, but she said the heel of your palm works, too. Just place the baby face down on your thighs at a slight downward angle and firmly tap on her back, rotate and do the same to her sides and her chest.

Also, is she gurgling or grunting when she is on her back? Grunts could be a sign she is having difficulty breathing I have asthma, and cannot sleep flat, I use AT LEAST 2 pillows to elevate my chest and head (and I still sleep with my mouth wide open because I cannot breathe!)

And don't worry about damage, it's not like she's going to be huffing it constantly every day. My kids only use it when they need it, which is less often than I do, I control their triggers and because I have asthma have a good handle on when the nebulizer or inhaler is really needed. We haven't needed to go to the emergency room for it yet (knock on wood!) With your history, you'll be more cautious and have an open eye, too. Besides, I'D rather have a breathing child (and with a son who spent 6 weeks on various ventilator in NICU, I know of which I speak)

Good luck to you and your little pumpkin!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi! I know that I'm not a baby, but I have had asthma from a very young age, and I am now off all my meds (I was on an inhaler twice a day, Zyrtec once a day, and even Singular once a day for a long time) because of several natural solutions I have tried. What has made the biggest difference in the world for me and for my little guy (one year old and had wheezing/congestion problems) is having air cleaners. I bought one a large one for our living room and smaller ones for the bedrooms. I was totally skeptical, but within a few weeks, I was completely off all my meds, and that has NEVER happened, ever. The other thing that really works well for me is the Sudacare plug-ins for sleeping. They have a baby version.

My doctor told me that babies don't really even develop sinuses until after one year of age, so it is impossible to diagnose asthma or allergies. Zyrtec isn't even supposed to be used until after two years of age. I know for me, Zyrtec makes me really drowsy, and the inhaled steroids (Pulmicort) made my airways really sore and raw, as well as give me other horrible side effects like a racing heartbeart, light-headedness, etc. I would try taking your baby off these meds. They have side effects for adults, and prolonged use of steroids is really dangerous. Seriously, try air cleaners and other natural solutions first. Let us know how it goes. :)



answers from Macon on

My daughter is 2 1/2 now, but was put on Pulmicort and Zyrtec when she was about the same age as your daughter. Her pediatrician told me she doesn't like to give asthma as a diagnosis until 2 yoa. She had to have breathing treatments pretty frequently for quite some time(6-8 months), but is fine now. She does have some allergy issues and did have to have tubes in hre ears at 14 months, but she has never been given the asthma diagnosis.

As far as her behavior this morning,(always check with your dr if you are really worried), but I wouldn't worry about it. The breathing treatments always made my daughter tired and a little sluggish(apparently it makes older kids hyper and younger ones sleepy-per her pediatirician) and the gurgling is probaly just because it is starting to break the mucus in her lungs up. Zyrtec can make them sleepy, too, so I would use it at night.

Try not to get upset about the possibility of asthma. I know that is easier said than done b/c I was worried, too. However, as a mom that has been exactly where you are now, I can tell you it all worked out just fine. Good luck!



answers from Augusta on

The zyrtec will make her sleepy so you should only give that to her at bed time. We dont do Pulmicort we do xopenix in our nebulizer.
And Try putting a very warm ( not hot enough to burn her but hot) wrung out wet clothe on her bare chest with some baby vicks vapor rub. and keep her sitting up, put her in her swing, bouncey seat etc. and elevate her mattress at her head end. You can get a little wedge to go under her mattress at babies r us .


answers from Myrtle Beach on

My daughter at 15mths started taking zyrtec for allergies- never had to take pulmicort... but the zyrtec made her exhausted- She had to take it everyday this spring, and I hated to give it to her, I couldnt wait for the season to end so she would be back to herself! Like I said, she never took the Pulmicort- so I am not sure what effect that has... Good Luck!



answers from Atlanta on

My suggestions aren't a cure but can help lessen the severty of the symptions.

Try putting a pillow under her mattress. Some people let their children sleep in a car seat or bouncy seat so that their sitting upright.

My son got asthma at 6 months (6 yrs old now) and we used a cool mist humidifier in his room. It helps a lot. I've heard that air cleaners work well also.

A & D vitamin seems to help reduce the severity of the illness because it helps boost the immune system.

A friend of mine puts vick vapor rub on her daughters feet at bed time and puts socks over it. Its an old time cure for colds but it works.

If you're considering chiropractor Dr. Scott Warner on Austell Rd. in Marietta is very good. He tells the truth.

Personally after taking zyrtec for allergies it started to make me cranky and it made my heart beat fast. Different people may have different reactions. good luck.



answers from Athens on

she should NOT be lying on her back if she has ANY sort of congestion. my son also has asthma but his symptoms are only seasonal during cold/flu time.

i also tried natural treatments for my son's asthma when he was younger (he's 7 yrs old now) but nothing worked like the xopenex/pulmicort '1-2 punch'. i try to only give him those meds when he ABSOLUTELY needs them though, because i don't want to do more damage than good...but seriously, a kid's gotta breathe !!

as for the treatments it's fine to do a 'fly by' treatment, which is where you hold the tube or mask up to their face as close to their nose as possible...but it really is better if you can eventually get her used to the mask. even if she's crying really hard - and i know it's hard to watch them pitch a fit like that - those deep breaths she takes in while crying and screaming actually help get the medicine into her lungs more proficiently.

if she's started those meds and is more gurgly/wheezing it's probably just because the medicine is breaking up the phlegm, but it probably wouldn't hurt to call her ped. and speak with a nurse. at 5 months old they will probably want to see her and take a listen to those lungs.

OH and by the way - they do say most kids eventually grow out of asthma by age 7 to 10.

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