Almost 5 and Lost 2 Teeth Already

Updated on May 28, 2010
S.D. asks from Genoa City, WI
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Hi Moms, my dd will be 5 in Sept. She has now lost her two bottom teeth. One a few weeks ago, and another just tonight. I'm just wondering if I need to be worried that she's losing teeth already? She drinks a lot of milk, and not a lot of juice. I try to be regular about brushing her teeth. So I'm just curious when your little ones started loosing theirs? Should I be worried?

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to thank all the moms who responded. Made me feel much better about things. I am going to try to find her a pediatric dentist near us. We just recently moved back home so I'll have to find one for her. Thanks again moms for reassuring me that it's normal and not something I should be going crazy about!

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I freaked when my daughter lost her first tooth at about 4 1/2. My other daughter started about 5 and my son shortly after.

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Children gain and lose teeth at different times. Our youngest got his first tooth at four months and by 6 months he had his two year molars. It was like watching popcorn pop in his mouth. Naturally we thought he would lose his baby teeth early. He was in 2nd grade and the last one in his class to lose a tooth. He is in 7th grade and and just lost a tooth two weeks ago. Can you see a new tooth coming? If you are that concerned call your dentist and discuss it with them.

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When my daughter was 5 and in Kindergarten, she and the other kids were losing their teeth. It was not uncommon.
Their Teacher, even had a little "tooth fairy" bags for them to put it in to bring home. So as a Kinder Teacher, they know it happens and have stuff all ready for the kids in case their tooth falls out at school.

Our Ped Dentist was not alarmed. He said it happens already.

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Normal. Make sure she sees a pediatric dentist to monitor everything.

My 15 yr old started losing teeth at 4 and by 10 had lost everything she was supposed to lose plus had her 12 yr molars. She has a perfect set of teeth with no orthodontics needed.

We did use the sealants as molars came in to prevent decay. She has never had a cavity. The sealants are usually covered by insurance and I highly recomend them.

Good luck!

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My daughter lost 8 teeth by age 6, the first 2 of which were at age 4. I was astonished when she had the first loose one because I thought it was too early. Have a friend whose daughter did the same, and now she's 11 and her teeth are just fine. Dentist said it's fine. Only time it can be a problem is if they get their middle school molars in too early and the teeth get crowded. Make sure she sees a dentist since she will be growing permanent teeth soon.

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My son was an early 4 when he lost his first bottom tooth. My husband and I were horrified! We had no idea that the tooth was loose and we noticed it after it was already out. We never found the tooth. A few months later he lost his second tooth. He is now 5 years old (will be six in July) and has already lost and regain his two upper front teeth.
My youngest son was over a year old and had no teeth at all. We took him to a dentist to have his gums x-rayed because I was afraid he was not going to get any teeth.
so, the dentist told me he will probably lose his teeth late because they came in late. My oldest son was getting his teeth before he was six months old.
I think she will be okay. I guess they all lose and get them at different times.

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answers from Atlanta on

I have twin daughters and they cut teeth at 3 months and one of them lost their front tooth at 4 years of age and shortly afterwards the other twin lost hers. After that it seemed we were losing teeth all the time. They are 7 years old now and I couldn't even tell you how many teeth have been lost at this point-lol! So yes it is normal!



answers from Chicago on

My friend and I were shocked when her son lost his first tooth and then the next 3 followed so quickly. So I wasn't too shocked when my son lost his right after turning 5.



answers from Tulsa on

My grand kids all had 6-8 teeth out by that point. Most kids lose their teeth according to how they came in, for example: my daughter got her first tooth at 3 months. She lost her 1st tooth as an early 4 yr. old.

The Spring just after she was 5 and about to start Kindergarten she had all 8 front teeth out.

If you have concerns about the kids teeth then find a Pediatric dentist. They are not a regular dentist. They are specialists in baby and children's teeth. You can call a nearby dental school and see who they recommend or if they have a list for your area.



answers from Chicago on

My neice just turned earlier this month and had already lost 2 teeth. I don't hink it's anything to worry about.

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