Almost 40 and Pregnant Again

Updated on June 11, 2010
H.B. asks from McAllen, TX
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This is my 4th pregnancy and am in my 14th week. I have been feeling odd, as if my blood is rushing too fast. This evening I came home and went right to bed then when I woke I was shaky and needed food immediately. I had eaten a good lunch and breakfast and it was around dinner time. I just felt so weak and shaky. I dont have diabetes or high blood pressure so I don't know what the problem would be. I also had pains in my abdomen which caused me great concern. Just thought I would ask the peanut gallery to see what you had to say.

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So What Happened?

Haven't told the doctor yet, but plan on it. All of your advice was soooo good and I thank you so much. I am going to keep healthy snacks in my car and probably get a lot of tests done. Thanks again.

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I think you need to be re-tested for gestational diabetes. I got it even though no history of diabetes before or after being pregnant.

Good luck!

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Are you sure that your blood pressure is not high now? I only ask because i have high blood pressure and it can make me feel really funny. They do have the free cuffs in some grocery stores and drug stores if you want to check. I would call your OB though and see what they think. Our daily lives are so draining already... maybe you are doing a little too much?

Hope you feel better soon :)

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Check with your doctor. Low blood sugar and blood pressure came to my mind first too (even if you didn't have those problems when not pregnant). I found once I was in the middle and late pregnancy I needed snacks every 2-3 hours. Healthy snacks have some protein, some complex carbs and some simple carbs (like a string cheese, an apple or carrot and some whole grain crackers). When I was pregnant I tried to have a snack with me when I was out just in case the low blood sugar hit suddenly.



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It would be a good idea to call your doctor. It's possible that it is hypotension, which can happen in pregnancy.

All pregnant women have higher than normal sugar levels which in turn can turn into gestational diabetes - it's a little early but ask to see if you can have your glucose levels tested. Undiagnosed diabetes can be risky, although with proper treatment and controlled diet, it can be managed.

I have GD - if you are feeling lightheaded, eat a small snack with 15 grams of carbohydrates - a slice of bread (whole grain preferable) or a glass of milk. Don't eat cake or anything overly sweet as this will cause a huge sugar spike.



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I am 35 and 29 weeks pregnant. For the first and 1/2 of the second trimester, I developed an intolerance to certain foods- namely all beef, and anything with a hint of MSG. I would get like you describe- several hours after eating, I would get pains in my abdomen, feel weak or shaky. On one or two occasions, this would be accompanied by mild diarrhea. Maybe think back to what you had for lunch and see if there might be any red flags? I mentioned it to the doctor, who didn't seem concerned. She just said avoid those foods, and it's only temporary. She was right- now I am fine. I also would feel like I was having heart palpitations during this same time, which the doctor also said was normal. I don't know if this is similar to what you mean by blood rushing too fast, but that is kind of what it felt like. I would mention your symptoms to your doctor just to be safe. Hope this helps.



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You could have gestational diabetes and just don't know it. I would call the doc.


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I agree with all the others, but I would also ask for a progesterone test. I had some of those same symptoms when my progesterone was low. Fortunately I had a doctor that was cautious and tested my progesterone often. It would drop way low and had to be supplemented throughout the whole pregnancy. Sometimes when your older your progesterone isn't quite what it once was. I was 41 when I delivered my youngest.



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Sounds like you are hypoglysemic? I have had that my whole life and that is what happens, shakey feeling and the blood rushing quickly. It also feels like an anxiety attack for me sometimes and it is very scary. Nothing to be to concerned about but my doctor sweras that a spoon full of peanut butter is the best thing to get you feeling normal again, for me it is any kind of food makes it go away.


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Hi H.,

It sounds like your blood sugar just took a dive. This happens to me quite often when I'm not pregnant, and a whole lot more when I am. I have not been diagnosed as having low blood sugar, oor hypoglycemia, but I'm sure that's what it is. It comes on in an instant, and it leaves me feeling sick, shaky, I can't focus, STARVING, and generally out-of-sorts. It is no fun. I usually try to eat yogurt or string cheese since they are quick and easy, and protein helps me feel better fast. I would run this by your doc, and maybe have your blood sugar tested. As far as the abdominal pain...I'm not sure what that could indicate. It could be the baby, but your doctor is the professional, and I would definitely talk to him/her. Good luck. : )


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