Almost 2 Yr Old Not Talking

Updated on January 08, 2011
R.P. asks from Columbia Station, OH
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My daughter is almost 2 years old and still is not talking. I spend every day playing and exploring things with her and she is super smart she just wont talk. She is not really around other kids her age at all and I am wondering if thay may have something to do with it. I live close to Srongsville Ohio and I am trying to figure out if there is anything that I could take her to like a play time or something that does not cost a whole lot like during the evenings or weekends to see if that will help.

WE do ask here where body parts are and she knows her eyes, nose, mouth, toung, teeth, ears, toes, fingers, belly all of that she listens GREAT unless she is being stubern. i do ask her to get a certain toy like a ball or block or a pink ball or pink block and she will get it no problem its just she doesnt talk

she is NOT on the paci any more she has been off of it for like 3 or 4 months now, and she babbels ALL day long and she knows what she wants and will point and grunt or do SOMETHING she just does not say full comprehendable "words" yet. I had to have speech therapy in grade school bc i coudnt say certain sounds. could that be a problem with her as welll?

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answers from Cincinnati on

Unlike other responses, I would say give it time. She doesn't need therapy yet. She is fine. My 2 year old, on their 2nd birthday said ZERO words. Today, 8 months later, we have full fledged conversations.

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answers from Phoenix on

I dont think her not being around other kids has anything to do with it cause my daughter is a year and 4 months and she says about 20-30 words and is never around any kids. All kids are different. Try showing her things and telling her what they are and try to ask her where that thing is such as her nose. I do that with my daughter started when she was about 9 months old and she would grab her hair and say hair.

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answers from Provo on

I know it seems like a big deal now but I'm sure she is picking up on so many words just isn't ready to express them vocally. My little brother didn't talk at two either he would just click his tongue and point to whatever he wanted. :) He turned out just fine. Im sure you already have mentioned this to your doctor but if not maybe she is has blocked hearing? I know of some children being slow to talk because they can't hear as well because of a build up of earwax. And it's nothing you could have avoided really if that is what it is. But it might be something to look into. Good luck and keep your chin up mama, she'll be talking your ear off in no time :D

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answers from Seattle on

At almost 2yo, and ZERO speech, it's time for an eval.

My son *barely* spoke until 2ish (he communicated just fine via facial and body expression, understood perfectly, and babbled just fine) so there was no real concern. And at 2 had a language explosion and went from a handful of words to hundreds of words in full sentences... but if she has ZERO words, and worse, isn't babbling... you very very much need to find out what kind of professional you need to see (ear/nose/throat, neurologist, speech pathologist, etc.). First step is the pediatricians office, and preferably a developmental pediatrician.

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answers from Columbus on

It does not matter if she is being stuborn or not (probably not) she needs therapy regaurdles. Call ECI (help me grow in ohio) and get an evaluation. I would strongly recomend that you also persue private therapy. ECI services are not meant to be every thing she will need, so get her more if you possibly can.

You can also try Easter Seals, some people I know have had success getting help there, I don't know about speech and her age.

When kids do not participate in the give and take of langauge, they do not build on the langague skills that are invloved in that interchange. She is also not exercising the muscles she needs for speech with practice.

She should have 50 to 100 words and be putting two together in simple sentances by now, so get her some therapy. It is great that she has cognative skills, but she needs theraputic help.


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answers from Cleveland on

Hi! My son had the same issue. He clearly understood everything we said, but only had a vocabulary of about 10 words. Since you live in Ohio, contact Help Me Grow (FREE state program) for an in home eval. (Schools don't take over until a child reaches 3yrs.) Then they will refer your child to a program where a more detailed eval by an early intervention specialist and speech-language pathologist will occur. It's all free!!

In portage county we ended up at Happy Day School in Ravenna where he went to a wonderful two-day a week class just for speech delay kids. Some have them integrated with other developmentally delayed kids and are just as good. There was really no doubt this was something he would outgrow, but why spend the next year completely stressed (the child and you!) when there are these free services available?

Help Me Grow's website is and you can do a self-referral on their website. You don't need a referral from your pediatrician, however I personally think it's best to at least keep them in the loop. We had mentioned our concerns to him at our son's 18mo check-up, decided jointly we'd wait and see, then I made the referral shortly before my son turned two. My Ped. was very supportive.

My son is now 4 and won't stop talking! :) I have no doubt the great folks at Happy Day School helped him find his words. When he turned 3 and transitioned into our school district, they tested him again and said he scored the highest they'd ever had!! Complete turn-around. If you are in doubt, at least get an eval. They are very professional, and will tell you if she doesn't need therapy. But if she doesn't qualify (she is not speech delayed "enough") they will still give you lots of pointers for doing things on your own to help as well.

Good luck! :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Contact your pediatrician or school district and ask them to give you the Early Intervention number. All children under three, if they qualify for services (like speech) are free. At three, the children are transfered to the school district for services.

Going to a local university and asking if they have a Speech Therapist program is also a way to find less expensive, high quality speech therapy. The earlier you do this, the better the results will be.

My middle child is extremely bright but at two, I wondered if he would ever speak. At two and half he was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. If you look that up, you begin to wonder if your child will ever speak normally. Well, our outcome has been great. He no longer has that diagnosis and he is now a second grader working above grade level and obviously speaking well. He still sees a speech therapist to clear up some sounds.

Your child may be just a late bloomer or may need further assistance with speech therapy. Either way, have your child evaluated so that you know and can do something about it.

Good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

My son was the same way. His gma was waiting to hear him speak on her death bed. It took forever. Now he doesn't stop talking! He did speak just a little and only when he wanted to.

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answers from Columbus on

This is a good, short article on talking in toddlers, and what the general guidelines are:

Does she make any "words" at all? For a long time, my son said words that weren't helpful (we made a game of animal says "What does a cow say? 'Moo!'), and the doctor said that those does count as talking. Even using his own made up words for stuff (baba for grandma, mongie for his blanket (that was my nevvie's word for his blanket).

Even as an only child with no other kids around, unless you are anticipating every whim, she should be trying to make verbalizations to try to get her wants/needs across by now. If she's not making verbal sounds at all (ESPECIALLY if this is the case), or only very limited ones, I would tell your pediatrician and ask to have her evaluated.

I haven't worked with this program, but have heard it mentioned:
Help Me Grow
Its an Ohio program for kids under 3, to help them get the services they need to be growing and developing correctly. They can help provide evaluations for speech therapy & other therapies for kids ages 3 & under. It's a state-funded, and if you're in need of assistance for the costs, I think they help or completely cover it in some cases.

It is pretty unusual for a smart child who understands words not to be saying any words at all by 18m, though it's more common for boys to be slower to speak.

If you want to wait, mention this at her 2yo wellness appointment, you can, but I wouldn't wait any longer than that to bring it to the doctor's (or other appropriate professional's) attention.

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answers from Bloomington on

Don't worry, my son is almost three years old now and just started talking around labor day. He was the same way, nothing wrong just wouldn't talk. Then one day he decided he had something to say, and hasn't stopped talking yet. I don't think a paci has anything to do with, my son did not use one. I hope this helps ease your mind and that your daughter decides to talk to you soon

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answers from Muncie on

Talk to your pediatrician first of all. This could be normal for her and then again it may not be. I did not walk or talk until I was 2. I would communicate what I wanted to my older sister with our own sort of language. My mother took me to the dr. and he asked me what my problem was. I said, "Shut up and leave me alone." He told my mother I was fine LOL. My mother from that point on would give me nothing unless I asked for it, in words. I am still mad that I was forced to talk!

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answers from Youngstown on

My son did not really talk until 3 or 4 months after he turned 2. He is now just over 3 and talks really well. Just give it time.

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answers from Raleigh on

I wouldn't worry. My son who is now 11 didn't start walking until he was 16 months and he didn't really start talking until after he turned 2. I was worried just like you and wanted to take him to speech therapy and before I knew it he started and wouldn't be quiet lol! Just be patient all kids talk at different times....Ive seen kids that didn't talk until after 3!!! Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Is she still on a pacifier? Alot of times this can limit their words. My son was off the paci at 10 months and by two he was a chatter box but my niece was on the paci until almost 3 and she didn't talk at all at 2. However my neice is 5 now and talks alot with no probs so every kids is different. I'd maybe check with her ped and see what they think. Good luck!!


Is she still on a pacifier? Alot of times this can limit their words. My son was off the paci at 10 months and by two he was a chatter box but my niece was on the paci until almost 3 and she didn't talk at all at 2. However my neice is 5 now and talks alot with no probs so every kids is different. I'd maybe check with her ped and see what they think. Good luck!!



answers from Cleveland on

Call your local public library. I think Strongsville has one. Cuyahoga county Libraries are an awesome resource. They have great programs there for all ages. I don't know if Columbia has one. Some cities have chidren's programs for a nominal fee. Call your city hall too and ask.



answers from Houston on

she can hear now wether or not she can hear plainly may be a problem. have her checked for ear infections and fluid. but i think right now she just isnt ready to talk. she can follow directions my son whois hard of hearing cant. get ahold of eci through your school system and get her evaluated. I think she is fine and lazy but it doesnt hurt to get her evaluated to see if she needs speech.



answers from San Francisco on

Take her to story time at the library, get her evaluated by an early learning specialist, and talk to your pediatrician about it. Can you put her in daycare or something a few days a week? She needs to be around other kids! Good luck.


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