Almost 10 Month Old Has No Interest in Table Food.

Updated on April 24, 2008
M.C. asks from Chagrin Falls, OH
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Hi, our pediatrician told us to start table food with our almost 10 month old at her 9 month appointment. We've tried chopped green beans, pineapple, bananas, canned beans, chopped chicken and a few others. She has no desire to eat it. She will only eat Gerber Graduate Puffs. I'm continuing to feed her jar baby food but I'd really like her to learn to eat other foods as well. Any suggestions? Doctor told me to wait until 1 year for yogurt and eggs. Sometimes it takes us an hour to eat one jar of food. She's the most distracted eater and has to play with something on her tray when we feed her. I'm worried I'm setting up poor eating habits and table manners.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

My dd used to be the same way. She would get SO bored while we were feeding her. I would give her Cheerios or puffs or small pieces on ANY food to keep her occupied while I fed her baby food. It didn't take her too long to become more interested the food on her tray than the food in the jar. Also, put her in her highchair while you and your husband eat dinner. Give her small pieces of whatever you're eating. My dd wants to do everything just like mommy and daddy, so it didn't take her long. I think it only took a time or two of eating with us for her to turn down baby food all together. Oh and green beans still don't go over with my almost 14 month old. It's kind of a weird texture thing I think. She'll only eat peas and corn. I try to stay away from a lot of canned veggies because of the salt. Pasta and rice are things my kid will eat without fail. Repetition is the key to kids understanding things. Just keep giving her table food. She'll get it!



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I have recently learned that it takes 10 times of you eating the same thing to determine with you really don't like it or you do. Keep that in mind when feeding your little one. I went through the same thing with my son. He refused to eat table food he wanted to eat his baby food. I had to keep giving me the same thing over and over again for him to realize that it was good and he would like it. You have to be consistant when doing this process. You can't give up or get fustrated. Hope this helps!



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I would not worry about table manners at this point. She is still very little and your goal right now is to introduce her to new foods. My son actually ate whatever we ate at 11 months. I used one of those hand puree gadget that basically mashes the food like stage 3 jar food. It worked with him. Also, my son is sensitive to taste and texture so there is not a whole lot that he will eat. I never really liked the Gerber Puffs or Cheerios so I started my son on little pieces of whole wheat bread. He loved it! Then I added some sliced turkey to the bread and he loved that too. Now, I sometimes dip the bread in vegie dip which he also loves. I actually started him on the Yo Baby yogurt at 10 months and it worked out fine for us. You can just try a little bit and see if your daughter will get a rash or diarrhea from it. If she does, wait a little while longer before re-introducing it. To peek his interest in food, I would sit him at the table with me and I would dip my finger in whatever I was eating and put a drip of it on his tongue. Before long, he wanted to eat with me. My son is 14 months old now and he still eats better when his fingers are busy - meaning when he has a toy on his tray or he can play with my hand, etc. Little kids are not designed to sit still and toys distract them enough to eat. When your daughter is older and can interact with you more at the table, she will not be as interested in a toy as she will be in communicating with you.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi M.,

I was wondering if your girl and my boy may be related haha ;)
He is the same way!! He is 9 months and I actually had an occupational therapist come see him cos he wouldn't even eat baby food at 8 months....
However, I have began to awaken his interest....
Cheerios he likes.
Apples cut very very small.
Loves chopped grapes (peeled)
Loves cut mango
loves pears

I am so excited that he has began to eat this tuff - all within the last week!
Oh and of course, saltine crackers, he loves those :)

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