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Updated on May 16, 2013
D.P. asks from Culver City, CA
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I have a 9 and 10 year old. Do you give an allowance? And if so, how much? Do you think it is a good thing, and why? If you do not give it, why? I never got an allowance as a kid. I got money when my parents agreed with my desired purchase or outing, and that is what we do now. Because my parents were big savers, I am a saver (so not getting an allowance did not keep me from learning how to save). I am leaning away from it, but wonder if it would be beneficial in any way.


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answers from Los Angeles on

I never got allowance either - my parents just bought things for me when I wanted them. However, there are a lot of parents that don't do that and feel their kids should work for what they want. My husband thought it was a good idea to teach our son about earning/savings so my son gets allowance. He is 10 and he gets $5 per week for a few chores he is supposed to do. We pretty much buy him whatever he wants so he just saves his allowance and I put it in his bank account. Once in awhile he wants to buy something with his own money so we let him but it is usually something under $20 (and I always secretly pay him back). I think the point is to teach kids responsibility. It also depends on your kids. My son doesn't really feel he needs anything so he doesn't mind saving. He can walk into Toys R Us and not want anything even when we want to buy him something. However, my son has some friends who have to spend whatever is in their pocket just because they have money.

If you don't think it is necessary right now, maybe wait until your kids are older. Hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

I gives.50 per year. The reason is because every member of the household gets to participate in the household economy. Everyone has to take care of their own stuff, to the best of their ability, and everyone gets money.

I'm also using it to teach my 5 year old about money. There are lots of lessons that can be learned.



answers from Los Angeles on

my kids get allowance. We are sort of bad at it and don't do it consistently. About one time a month we give them a couple bucks. My kids are 5 and 8. we are going on a big trip in a few weeks and they are saving their money for it. they get really excited to save their money and buy something neat. One time my daughter wanted something and saved her money. we went to the store to buy it when she had enough and she decided she wanted something similar but bigger/ more money. so we left until she saved more. they really get so excited to buy their own stuff. my older daughter also sometimes wants to buy lunch at school. sometimes she will use her money to do so.



answers from Miami on

We did a bit when she was younger. Really though if she needs some money or something we get it for her. But she has chores quite a few actually that she must do everyweek. Its helping out the family unit. At 11 she is already starting to help cook, does her own laundry, cleans the bathroom, walks the dog and has to pick up after herself.


answers from Denver on

my kids get an allowance 5 bucks a week if they deserve it. If there is excessive arguing I deduct a buck. If they don't do their fair share of things that need to be done around the house... deduct a buck. If one does something to the other that is super uncalled for... yup deduct a buck. I dont do it for normal sibling rivalry but I do when it is called for.



answers from Philadelphia on

We do the allowance thing here with a slight twist. Each kid gets 5.00 a week 1/2 goes right into savings and the other is theirs to use as they wish. This money is automatic and NOT for chores. I am a single mom now and I need help around the house so they are expected to do things like make their bed, load and unload the dishwasher, feed the pets etc. IF they chose not to do a chore they pay ME to do it and that gets taken from their 2.50. The first two weeks they were paying me to do everything and I almost regretted doing it this way but once we went to target and my son wanted a new beyblade and had no money the "chores" stopped getting paid. We have been doing this for a few years now and its been nice not hearing gimmie gimmie gimmie... they also seem to take better care of the things they have bought.

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