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Updated on March 27, 2011
T.C. asks from Deep Gap, NC
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has anyone has any success with the alli weight loss system? if so how much weigh loss? how is the system?

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answers from Houston on

My friend did it and she leaked orange oil from her anus all day long. Theres no results that can compare to that. No thanks.

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answers from Chicago on

Reasons to skip Alli:

-First of all, it recommends you eat a proper balanced diet. Um...if you did that without the drug you'd lose weight without all the side effects.

-And the side effects? "Be sure to have a change of clothing with you". It is possible that you could have oily, greasy discharge from your rectum. Yuck!

-Finally, Alli promises a 10% increase in weight loss. Considering the math, if you want to lose 10 pounds then with Alli you'd lose 11. If you wanted to lose 50 pounds then with Alli you'd lose 55. The increase in weight loss, in my opinion, is not worth the money, the embarrassment, and the potential health risks.

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answers from Lafayette on

this is one i will not try. i know a few people who have tried it. and both of them had bad anal leakage from it. that's one thing i deal with enough (i have ibs) and i don't need a pill making it worse.

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answers from New York on

I was actually in the origional test group for alli. The only problem with alli is that you have to eat low fat every meal all the time. I didn't have issues because I tend to eat low fat anyways but a lot of people had loose stool, oil seepage, and other issues. The digestive issues could be a little embarassing if they happen when you are away from the house.

I'd say to give it a try if you are committed to making changes in your diet all the time. Because you take it at every meal you have to be on top of the fat content of everything you eat.

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answers from Chicago on

I myself had considered this but....Have you read the reviews??? Look up on line. I believe it works for some people. Personally I woudn't want to pass any fat while sitting....Yikes. LOL

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answers from Albuquerque on

I tried Alli and i had excellent results. I took it for about 5 months and lost 40lbs ( i stopped taking it because i got pregnant) I only had the gross side effects when i ate junk, like an entire bag of chips or a bigmac
I didnt follow the meal plan that they recomend, i just ate what sounded good to me but i had to actually read labels, and not just eat whatever.
Good luck!

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answers from Nashville on

I haven't ever heard that any body has success with alli and heard bad things with health issues after using alli. I've lost 35 lbs. using a product that is all natural and not expensive and really works I have not gained any of it back and now maintaining a normal weight. Here is my website or you can email me [email protected] or call ###-###-####


answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi T.,
I've tried other programs though I haven't heard of this one. If you're looking for a weight program that offers a support system and Q&A along with meal plans and more, I'd like to recommend the one I'm using which is the Cinch Inch loss program. If you sign up now, you can get 3 months on auto ship and the 4th month is absolutely free plus you also get the website free for 3 months.
There is also a way to become a member with a $70 order and the company will send you a Cinch sample pak for free so you can try it to see if you like it, but this offer ends on the 30th of this month.
Would be happy to share more info with you.
PS You can watch this video that has a few testimonials -



answers from Detroit on

I worked for a cardiologist that prescribed this for a few patients when it was first intruduced -before it became over the counter you did need a RX to be on it. Every one of the patients quit taking it because of side effects--mainly oily leakage. He quit prescribing it. If you decide to be on it --you have to follow the diet strictly. I agree with the other mom --not worth the side effects. When you cook hamburger --that orangy color of oil that you drain off the meat--thats the color of fat that will stain the clothes and your furniture you happen to be sitting on. If you try to hold it in it leaks anyway. Ex-- the one patient described it to me--he said he was in his chair watching Tv and the bathroom was just a few feet away by the time he felt the urge to go #2 he got up from the chair but leaked --on the chair and the oil dripping down his leg--also stained his clothing and left an Orange iol ring in the tiolet every time he went. Obviously he didn't eat what he was supposed to--its not a miracle pill. The diet by itself would be enough to lose weight if you plan ahead. Good Luck to you.


answers from Boston on

My mom tried it and it just made her Very Sickly :-( no matter what she ate! But everyone is different.......
Slim Quick is one that I used before and had good luck w/ it. Of course diet and Exercise was Hugely helpful in addition to that.



answers from Wilmington on

I have never tried it but I agree with MR that if you change your eating habits to a better diet, you will lose weight. Cut all white products and sugar. I use agave nectar in place of sugar. Cut wine, or any food that turns to sugars from starch. Also eat 2/3 of the plate with fruits and veggies and 1/3 protein. Juice fruits. To get off my wine kick, I put flavored, decaf iced tea mixed with club soda....I used blueberry tea for the color. I lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Try if for two weeks. You have to really change your diet. Oh and cut the soda! Drink water. You can add ginger, cukes and or lemon or lime. Make a big pitcher daily and drink it. Lime, I just read, is good for the antihistimenes for pollen season. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I haven't taken it, but I did read the label, and 'anal seepage' really turned me off to that product. So, I got lap-band instead! lol!

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