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Updated on January 13, 2010
S.D. asks from Pleasanton, CA
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Hi Mamas,
I am intersted in trying Alli to jumpstart my weightloss efforts. has anyone tried it what did you think? thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses. I have decided that I will not try Alli due to the side effects, not worth it to me, and like some of you had said portion control and exercise is the most effective way to lose the weight. it's common sense now I just need to get motivated. thank you ladies

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answers from San Francisco on

The key to weight loss is PORTION CONTROL, PORTION CONTROL, AND PORTION CONTROL, and eat the right things, and exercise. Since Dec. 11th I've lost 14 lbs. doing this. No special diets. I just eat less, and exercise everyday to a video in my bedroom, a low impact cardio and strengthening video. You can do it too.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have been using it on and off for over a year and found out that it helps but make sure you continue to exercise. Just the pills wont make a difference but adding exercise will really jump start it. No side effects except loose stool when too much fat is eaten!


answers from Modesto on

My cousin tried it, and it is only to make you cautious about what you eat or you will have anal leakage. Best to just be cautious on your own without THAT result!
I find that taking 3 250mg tabs of magnesium with a glass of water every night, relieves you of calories first thing in the AM ;)


answers from Sacramento on

My distric manager came to the office one day and while getting out of her car, she had an 'accident'... in her pants. Didn't even see it comming!! It was pretty funny hearing her tell the story after the fact. She CONSTANTLY ate out, it was her lifestyle and she wasn't willing to change her lifestyle. I used to work at LA Weight Loss (one on one counselling and journalling all meals), I think this would be an awesome tool to help you keep accountable and monitor your fat intake. As long as you're READY to make the change, I think you should try it out!! I would but I'm nervous about cost and, same as you, outcome. Let me know if you decide to follow through and what you thought!

Good Luck fellow mama!



answers from San Francisco on

i haven't tried it but a friend of mine did and didn't like it at all. she had bad stomach and not to be graphic but... well... bad bathroom experiences. you might want to investigate more, this is just one person's experience.



answers from Sacramento on

I've heard good things about Alli but the one negative thing I have heard is you might go poo at any time with no warning. I belong to the WW boards, and this one gal gave her experience while at work and it just popped out. That's all I have heard.



answers from Yuba City on

Hi S.,

I have not tried Alli but wanted to suggest Baby Boot Camp to you. It's stroller fitness for moms/caregivers which includes cardio, strength training, stretching and core work. It is a great way to get/stay in shape, spend time with your kids and meet other moms.

J. W.



answers from Sacramento on

A girlfriend gave me a pill once to try. Didn't feel any different but over the next 24 hours my bowel movements were very oily. It literally looked like I poured oil into the toilet! Pretty gross, but I guess better than in your body?!?

If you are looking for a new fitness routine, I do Superwomen Boot Camp in Folsom. They also have one in Midtown Sac. I've been doing it almost a year and love it. It's all women and everyone works at their own pace. Great community of women with lots of support.

Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

It's true that making healthy choices everyday about what to put into your body and getting enough exercise is vital. However, I work with a lot of doctors that recommend Biolean (available at or you can call me at ###-###-####). I cannot believe that I am writing about this and recommending a pill that helps you loose weight, but it really works. It's in the Physicians Desk Reference which means that any adverse effects must be reported to the FDA and there has not been one reported in 17 years. I've seen a lot of people have success with Biolean including my Husband who lost 35 pounds and my friend Kim who lost 65 pounds. It's a little on expensive side, but it really does work.

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