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Updated on April 18, 2016
J.E. asks from Marlborough, MA
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I just gave birth 8 weeks ago and started working out at home 2 wks ago to start shedding the baby pounds. Last pregnancy afterwards I went back to smoking cigarettes so I feel like I shed that weight a LOT quicker than I am this time around (have been smoke free for over a year now). I would love to hear from people who have tried Alli, good and bad stories. I feel like this time around, exercising just isn't cutting it and it's becoming quite depressing!
Thanks mamas!
Also, I am not breastfeeding.

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answers from Boston on

I wouldn't take it either... if you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the commercial screen, typical extra weight loss might be 3 or 4 pounds, and that's with eating right and exercise... so why risk taking something? I'd try Weight Watchers - it's truly not a diet, it helps you change your lifestyle of eating habits and encourages you with the meetings. : ) Good luck - and congrats on the stopping smoking!!!!



answers from Boston on

I'd like to just add that you need more then 2 weeks to lose the weight. You are being way too hard on yourself. The weight you put on took 9 months. I understand it's been 8 weeks, but the first 6 were spent letting your body adjust. I'm just not big on putting things in my system that don't belong and I would give yourself time before trying any drugs. Congratulations on your little one! Good Luck.



answers from Boston on

Breastfeeding was the trick for me to lose weight. I nursed our son till he was almost one and the pounds came off more easily than ever in my life. Too bad I don't have that trick these days. I'm in for some serious weight loss after the holidays this year!



answers from Boston on

Hi J.,
I haven't used Alli, but I was wondering about it - because rite-aid was having a sale.

I went on and searched for information on it - most people's comments were negative.

Also, My Mother-in-law had used it for a while with little success.

In all, it made me decide not to order it.

But you may wish to check out - it's a very helpful weightloss website - tons of info & helpful people.



answers from Boston on

If you are breastfeeding, you should not take diet pills. Breastfeeding is also a great way to lose weight. Otherwise, just enjoy your baby and being a mother, don't focus on losing weight. Its healthier to allow the weight to come off gradually.


answers from Boston on

I think Alli is a whole lot of hype for very little proven weight loss (a couple of pounds), and all kinds of side effects! The FDA approves a lot of things and then later on we find out that there are problems, and things are recalled. I also would not try to doctor around with things like electrolytes and Gatorade-twins like Vitamin Water and Smart Water - too much sugar, no balance, and a smattering of vitamins thrown in with a lot of heavy commercials/ads! Your body has changed a lot and that is frustrating but typical. It's still very early to experience weight loss post-partum. You are to be commended for quitting smoking - it's tough but worth it! If you are breast feeding, that helps. Otherwise I would try some serious journaling - my son uses a free computer program available through LiveStrong that calculates your calories & keeps a log for you. It's helped him enormously. Otherwise you can try proven things like Weight Watchers (but you have to be very patient!). Or you can go to something balanced and safe like Slimplicity from Reliv - you get free help from the person who sponsors you and many others, and there is a whole program that includes a pedometer so you can measure your steps (take the baby to a mall so you can walk indoors! Many open early for walkers!). It's totally safe and all food, no drugs. I can give you more info or you can contact the company for a distributor near you. Everyone I know who used this lost weight, and many were considering Alli or use it and had problems. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!


answers from Hartford on

I wouldn't take it. Just eat sensible and work out when u can. I also take these amazing vitamins and a protein supplement. Taking more protein helps a lot!!! Reduce carbs too! Hard to do but it help, also watch what you drink. Everything has sugar. I drink a lot of water or Sustain Sport, it is like gatorade but less sugar and more electrolytes. I lost a lot of baby fat just by eating better. I also have three, 5,3, and 19 months. It is tough but eating better helps. i lost a lot of weight by doing so. I also eat these amazing Attain bars which have crave blockers and they taste great!! It is like a candy bar so it satisfies your cravings. Good luck to you!

M. -SAHM and WAHM and loving it!



answers from Boston on

Congrats on your new baby and how wonderful that you quit smoking! Be patient-it's only been 8 weeks. It takes longer after your second for everything to shrink back down. Are you breast feeding? That is a WONDERFUL help for losing weight. That was a great bonus of BFing for me. I'd say give yourself until 6 mos post birth of healthy eating and exercise. If you aren't noticing a change by then talk to a Dr. or nutritionist. Cigarettes do help to shed weight quicker (I'm an ex smoker as well) but healthy weight loss takes longer.

Best of luck to you!



answers from Springfield on

I have been drinking mummy magic weight loss tea to lose my post baby weight and got my target (shedding 42 lbs) within two and half months. No extra exercise.



answers from Dallas on

I heard alli was not a good thing to take unless you are next to a toilet at all times 24/7, if you eat something that your not supposed to it goes straight through you.......My old coworker took it and she had the worst stomach pains from all the diarrhea that it gave her.....I would just stick with exercising and eating healthy...........after all you JUST had the baby!!! My son is 11 months and im still trying to loose the baby weight! I know how you feel its very frustrating ....also are you breastfeeding? if so you cant take any of that kind of stuff.



answers from Houston on

i have been taking alli for around 6 weeks, i let off over christmas lol - i lost 15 pounds in that time, and had no side effects - i will be going on it immediately after the hols.

alli is very safe, it is half the strength of xenical which docs routinely prescribe to diabetics and people with heart disease.

i love it!

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