Allergy to Gummy Vitamin?

Updated on December 13, 2010
M.R. asks from Mayodan, NC
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This is going to be a little long, so please bear with me. My son is 2 1/2 years old and a few weeks ago he had a cold, so I started giving him the Disney Gummy vitamins. A day later he broke out into hives. The doctor said to stop the vitamins. We stopped them, no hives since.

That brings us to today.He has a cold/cough/congestion. I gave him a Gerber Graduates Smart Sips drink and within an hour he broke out into hives. This is the first time he's had one of these drinks.

I've been comparing the ingredients in the 2 products and they have several similarities. Has anyone been through this before? He's been tested for allergies (allergic to cats), but that was the only thing that it showed. Should I take him back to the allergist?

He has an appt with the pediatrician tomorrow to treat his cough, but I am going to ask about this. He's had colds/viruses before and has never had hives.

Thanks for any insite you might be able to give.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. He is going to the dr today for his cough. I'll definitely mention the hives to the dr. today. He has an allergist he sees regularly for his cat we may go that route if the pediatrician suggests it. Thanks again! You guys are great!

UPDATE: I took him to the doctor today. His throat is infected. The strep test came back negative, but they are also sending it off for a "long test." I'm guessing that means a culture? So for now the doctor said ibuprofin and what I've been doing. His throat looks horrible (swollen, blisters, pus).

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All my kids did the exact same thing. I stay away from the commercial products and vitamins for my kids especially when they're little. Go to a health food store, Melaleuca or Mannatech products or something similar.

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My 18 month old had a bad fever a few months ago and because we wanted to keep fluids in her, we gave her some Pedialyte (not sure if that is spelled right). Within and hour, she was broken out in hives. We were on vacation so I Googled it and it seemed alot of other parents had the same problem with the grape flavored kind. Most said it was one of the dyes in it that made their child have a reaction. Since then, she has had two other breakouts, all after having something she doesnt normally have (like a packaged donut, and I forget the other) but after talking to the doctor some children are just really sensative to preservatives and dyes. We may never know the EXACT thing that makes her break out but we try and avoid it all. SOunds like the same thing with your child. Just try to avoid things that have a bunch of dyes and preservatives and he should be just fine.



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Hi Mama,

Products designed for our kids often have a lot on extra chemicals that their little systems have a hard time processing. If your son is already sensitive to things, he may be reacting to the additives and not have what doctors call allergies, which is a reaction in the bloodstream that can be measured. This does not mean that he is not having reactions.

I stuggest saving the money on tests, and just avoid those additives. Next time your child has a normal check-up, bring up the hives.

Good Luck,




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If you are seeing similarities, in either the foods or places of processing (there are sometimes allergens on equipment), yes, an allergist might be a good place to start. If that's inconclusive, try a naturopath. I myself and several other people I know have had great results in diagnosing allergies missed by traditional allopathic medicine, because the ND workups are so thorough. Food sensitivities and reactions are tricky!



answers from Knoxville on

I would guess that he is sensitive/allergic to one of the ingredients that is in both items. As far as the allergy test, the doctor determines what to test for based on the answers to questions that your asked. If he has never had items similar to these before they prob. would not test for that. The other thing is that a childs body changes, as all peoples do, and what may not present an issue now could later. I would keep a list of the ingredients that are the same and talk to the doctor about it. The dr. can better direct you whether you need to see the allergist again or not. God Bless and Good Luck!



answers from Allentown on

vitamin suggestions- My 2.5 yr old loves Koala Pals and also Natures Plus Animal Parade



answers from Charlotte on

i would take him back to the allergist with the list of like ingredients and be sure he is tested for each of those. allergies can develop at any age, even into adulthood. good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Could be an allergy to the foods--what are the ingredients in common? Could also be unrelated to the food, it is hard to tell. Honestly I am leaning toward something unrelated to the foods. Did you change detergent, soap, dryer sheets anything of that sort recently? As long as the hives clear up with some benedryl, that will give you time to get him into the allergist. Be sure to watch for signs of a severe allergic reaction such as vomiting or trouble breathing. If that happens give him the benedryl and call 911.



answers from Detroit on

Over the counter products have so much sugar and dyes and other additives and preservatives in them. We only use Arbonne's childrens punch vitamins. They are made with only real foods no added colors or dyes, or sugar. You are doing the right thing by giving him vitamins to help boost his immune system. Just read your labels and look for things that are all natural and made with real whole foods. My grandson who just turned 3 loves the vitamin drink he thinks it is juice, I like it myself. If you would like more information please let me know.
I hope he feels better soon.


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My son has a speech delay and some sensory issues and his therapists explained the hazards of the dyes a long time ago - especially red 40.
We have taken all three of our children off the disney gummies, which are loaded with sugar and now give them 2 chewable cherry vitamins that have no sugar added. They are 10 times more absorbable than the other vitamins and my kids love them. You can private message me if you would like more information.



answers from Fayetteville on

Just an fyi, my son when he was younger got hives from a generic hot dog! Guess what it red die, I didn't buy them we where at a party. Go figure, off to the store we moms watch out for that red dye which is the most common one..

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