Allergy Shots for 3 Year Olds?

Updated on April 22, 2010
N.P. asks from New Lenox, IL
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Anyone been suggested to give allergy shots to a 3/soon-to-be 4 year old?

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So What Happened?

Thanks. I could go into the long and drawn out story but I am not. I simply was trying to find out if any of you have children on shots/drops and how it's working out for you.

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Hi N., so please ask WHY were you suggested allergy shots? Is it serious enough to be life threatening or is it "just to make it/him feel better". I work with MANY holistic health professionals who treat allergies with food, chiropractics, massage etc. Shots are not the preferred treatment when you are looking at the HEALTH of a child. If the child is SICK, then please check with the medical field, but if he is well and looking to remain so, please check in with WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS.

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answers from Denver on

Allergy shots for what? peanuts? seasonal allergies? to animals?

If your child has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts or other substance, yes, I would pursue immunotherapy, because it can be very very effective.

Without more information, though, it's not really possible to address your question well.

Like some of the other replies mentioned, allergy testing is not 100% accurate. Moreover, children often do outgrow certain allergies, or the allergies may change as the child grows older. Our oldest daughter has food allergies, but they have changed over the years - she first developed allergies to salmon and almonds. Now, she can eat salmon, but has developed a real allergy for peanuts.
Like someone also said, this is a very bad year for seasonal allergies. You don't say whether you've already tried oral allergy meds and how those are working for your child.

I would find a good allergist/immunologist and learn a lot more. Read about immunotherapy and talk with your doctor further.



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I guess it would depend on how sever the allergies are. My 8 yr old started allergy shots about 1yr ago. She has allergy induced asthma, so we are doing the shots as well as meds to try to control the allergies.



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i took my son to an allergist when he was 3 or4. they did the 'scratch' test on him and he was allergic to many things, most were food, but those foods he ate all the time. to me that was a huge red flag, the tests arent 100%. the dr. suggested that my son get these shots every week for 5 yrs, just in case. i thought it was crazy, especially since the tests were wrong. my son is now 7 and only the past few weeks has he had issues. but the pollen counts have been high so far..benedryl and eye wash has worked wonders. good luck



answers from Kansas City on

What are you relying on? This season has been abnormally unusual for allergies nation-wide but especially here in the Midwest.
Is he/she being admitted with severe breathing difficulties?
I think I'd need a little more info before recommending a yea or nay of allergy shots.

In good health, L.



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I would be concerned about this. If your child is having allergy symptoms, I suggest you try saline. Get the SinuCleanse for children. It delivers a very fine mist of saline and ALL the information on saline use supports it as the best choice for controlling allergies and other things.



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My son has allergies bad. What type of allergies are you talking about? My son is a little over 2, and he has been on medication since he was 14 months old. But he is a big boy and because of his size the doctor thought he could handle the medication. And it has helped. If you are nervous you could seek a second opinion.

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