Allergy Meds for Toddlers W/ Least Amount of Side Effects

Updated on October 20, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My 2 year old son has had a wet cough for months now and we've gone to 2 different allergists and tried the flonase, the budesonide, the xopenex and none of it is working. The allergist said we could try an OTC allergy medicine like Zyrtec but didn't go into much detail. I know some have worse side effects than others so I'm wondering if there is one that you like better than others. Claritin? Zyrtec? Etc?? Thanks!

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answers from Washington DC on

We are using Claratin for DD's sniffly allergies at the changing of the seasons and it works pretty well. Myself I can't take Allegra at all - we usually get generics and I misremembered what the active ingredient was called and took one thinking it was Claratin. Knocked me on my butt for a night. I'm leaving that one to SS and not giving it to DD. My SS has also had some success with Zyertec, but was a teen when he tried it.

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answers from Provo on

Thank you for asking this! O had his dr appt the other day and I totally forgot to ask!


answers from San Diego on

We have had the best luck with Zyrtec in our house. I have had all sorts of reactions to allergy meds and this is the best for me. My kids take it as well when needed.



answers from Fort Wayne on

my fam is now on allegra and it is working very well. walmart has it for 2+yo but it is not the generic its the name brand. for us adults they have the generic pill form. for the kids it one tsp 2x a day. I have noticed a big improvment for dd who is also 2yo. she does not have any side effects from it. She has tried the claritin/zertec and it did nothing for her. or us for that matter. gl hope he starts feeling better soon



answers from Norfolk on

We've tried Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec. Zyrtec is the only one that works for us. We, too are on Budesonide, and a nasal spray Veramyst, and Singulair but only during allergy season. I would keep trying OTC meds until you find the one that works best for your child. It'll take several days to determine if it's working. I'd try 4 or 5 days and if you're not seeing improvement move onto the next. I also don't know what dosage of Budesonide your Dr. recommended but we give my 2 year old .25 in the am & again before bed. Once in a blue moon we have to give it to her in the afternoon too. Even with all these meds she still has a cough but it's manageable now and she isn't hacking herself to death, it;s a normal cough.

Her allergist said this is the best we can get for now. She has to be 5 before we can try anything else, which will likely be allergy shots. I'm counting down the days! I had severe allergies as a child and was on shots for many years. They were SO helpful!!!!!

Anyway. my suggestion is to find an OTC allergy med, maybe use the nebulizer more often, and use the Flonase and other meds with it. I think you may need to redefine your expectations. Look for what makes the cough manageable for him not eliminating it since that may not be possible right now. P.S. To help my daughter sleep at night we use a Vicks Vaporizer with VapoSteam medicine (Camphor) and that really helps her get some rest without coughing. Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

We use zyrtec. Claritin doesn't seem to help at all. We've also used allegra and that helped as well.



answers from Honolulu on

I like Claritin or Allegra.
I do not like, Zyrtec. Makes me moody and tired.
And, for my Mom as well.

Now, about his 'wet' cough.
Has it been, actually diagnosed, that this is due to allergies? And not some other pulmonary based condition or infection???? Or is it his Sinuses???
The point being, to get a proper medication, for his condition.
Or if he has some kind of infection.

Wet coughs... can be caused by: Sinus post-nasal drip. OR, an actual lung based condition. Both of which, can be due to illness/viral/bacterial or allergy points of origin.
So, discern where his cough, is originating, from.
AND where is the mucus, coming from? Because, that is why... he has a 'wet' cough.

Xopenex by the way, is not for 'allergies' per say. But for Asthma. It is a "Bronchodilator." Meaning, with asthma, the bronchial tubes, constrict because it is inflamed. Hence a person cannot breathe properly. Hence the inhaler, works to open up, the airways.
It is NOT for mucus secretions, nor stopping it.
I know this, because I have Asthma. And I take Xopenex.

Now about allergy OTC meds.
Each one, affects each person... differently.
So keep that in mind.
It is not a one size shoe, fits all.

Also, having a wet cough for so long... well that would worry me. Because, if it is lung based, then things like Pneumonia or Bronchitis can occur too.
Again, I know this because, I have Asthma. But this is a lung based origin of coughs.

Again, where is his mucus coming from? Nasal or lungs?
Inhalers like Xopenex, won't help Sinus issues. Only lung issues.

Next: I would get an air filter/purifier for your home or your child's room.



answers from Los Angeles on

I use claritin, allegra did nothing for me. I started giving my oldest claritin syrup when he turned 2, and when he went on strike refusing ALL medications that came in syrup form, switched to the chewable claritin, which is grape flavored and he loves it, and most importantly, it works for him, in 15 minutes it gets rid of his cough. Each person reacts differently to antihistamines, even though allegra, zyrtec, and claritin, are supposed to be comparable, though claritin has been around longer than the other 2. Might want to look and compare prices and flavors and see which one might be accepted better by your son, and give it at least a week trial to see if it works.



answers from Madison on

Claritin works really well for my daughter and no side effects for her.

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