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Updated on July 16, 2012
N.P. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Dear moms,
I need your advice and support. I have a difficult situation. I took a new puppy a month ago as a present for my elder son. Unfortunately, my daughter has an allergy for it. I did a blood test and today got results. I understand that the easiest way is to have a pet free house. I could not make a decision. Do any of you have an experience raising a child with pet allergy and having a pet at home. Do you know if it is dangerous? will it get worse with the time. Will it trigger other allergy response? Right now she is fine. She has red spots on her face 2-3 times /week, which disappear in an hour. There is no any breathing problems. What should I do?

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answers from Detroit on

While she may be allergic to dogs, her allergy to the puppy may lessen over time. I have friends with cat allergies, but when they are exposed to the same cat repeatedly, their allergy symptoms tend to get better to that particular cat, and sometimes disappear completely. Keep the puppy out of her bedroom so she doesn't have the fur and dander where she sleeps and try giving her an antihistamine for the bad days when her symptoms flare up. Bathing puppy (or even just rinsing him down with water) once a week may help to lessen the dander load. You can also discuss the possibility of allergy shots for your daughter as well.

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answers from Washington DC on

I get allergies to some animals, unfortunately i LOVE animals:( When i get allergic, i get hives, asthma, watery eyes, and a stuffy nose. your daughters allergy sounds like heaven compared to what I go through. LOL. Honestly, with such a mild allergy, I'd keep the dog and go from there.

Having allergies, I have found through research and conversation that is is quite common to have an allergy to a specific animal reduced by just getting the body used to it. If anything, your daughter's allergy to the dog should lessen as the months/years go by. I also have found on my worst allergy days, a Zyrtec is helpful- it just makes me slightly sleepy. Another thing to possibly consider is allergy shots, but i think that should be for more serious allergies... One thing you can do often is bathe the dog with a mild soap (as not to irritate the dog) frequently. This keeps the dander at bay a bit. also, I'd keep the dog away from her room, always. Let her room be an off-limits place for the dog.

My daughter also has allergies, but our main concern was her asthmatic reaction to things and we have her on control medicine that works wonders. If she shows allergies in any other way (we don't have any animals in the house she is allergic to, though), she just deals with it the good ole fashioned way with tissues or if it gets bad, Zyrtec. That is NOT often at all, though....

Honestly, I would not worry too much about the mild allergy, but there are measures you can take to help...

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answers from Kansas City on

We had a dog and kids with allergies but the one that seemed to sneezed most around the dog got used to it and got better around her. We have grandchildren with allergies and one of them wheezes at our house due to our Poodle which the allergist says is very rare that a Poodle bothers even those with allergies. I think she'd get better if around the dog more. If it's breathing problems like asthma I wouldn't risk it but if sneezing and spots I'd try it and get Zyrtec to keep on hand. Of course you don't want a child to suffer badly in their own home so just see how it goes.



answers from Honolulu on

Everyone, responds to allergies differently.
So, any response here, will be regarding their own child's condition or their own. Not regarding your child's allergy.

I, as a child, was allergic to pets. But we had dogs. They were just outside pets. Not inside. And after touching them or playing with them, I HAD to wash my hands, could not touch my face and had to change my clothes. I did not take meds for it. Things were different then.
And I was fine. Because, I and my parents knew... the degree to which my pet/animal allergy was. And how to manage it. But I also had Asthma. And still do. But I/we have pets. But they are outside.

It CAN be dangerous... for some, to have a pet.
How is your daughter's condition???????
Only you or her Doctor would know that.
Ask your Pediatrician... about his thoughts about it, per your daughter's medical condition.
It may or may not get worse... having a pet in the home.
Does she take meds for it????

Having an allergy... can be really aggravating. Or not.
It depends on the person's level of severity. As well.

And, the pet danger/fur/shedding will get all over the house. And it is nearly impossible, to clean 100% of a home's surfaces and furniture, everyday. So having a pet in the house, can definitely affect, your daughter.

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