Allergy/asthma Medication for Kids?

Updated on March 31, 2010
B.W. asks from Santa Cruz, CA
5 answers

Hi everyone. Have any of you or your children had any problems with allergy/asthma medication? My son was prescribed Singulair for his allergies when he was about 9 and continued to take it until he was 14. I think this medication caused some real anxiety issues for him and I was just wondering if anyone else had the same experience and what they did about it.? Also, has anyone heard of a parent group called parents for safety dot org?

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answers from Atlanta on

HI B.,

Yes, I've heard of parentsforsafety and think it's a good group. All of these types of meds have the same side effects. They only get worse because pharmaceuticals build up in the system and they contraindicate with other synthetic chemicals, including but not limited to pesticides, perservatives, hormones, antibiotics, laundry supplies, bath soaps, and other drugs.

I was on multiple meds as a kid and wish my Mom had had access to the information that is out there today. Allergies, which I no longer have, can be cured completely. If you want to know how I did it, feel free to get back to me.

God bless,




answers from New York on

I was told to put my son on singulair a few years ago but decided to look into alternatives. Not only was my son constantly sick, I was having sinus infections 8 months out of the year and getting allergy sicks 3 times a month - I switched my entire home to green products and started us on a good mutli-vitamin. Going on three years, no dr visits, inhakers or neubilezers needed. Not only are we healhier, I lost 65 pds - I didn't realize all the prescription meds was making my body loaded with mucus - so I wasn't absorbing any nutrients through my intestines which made my body not function correctly. I am very happy that I was able to find an answer for my son before he became me - 30 years later.
If you would like to know about what company I choose to switch to - I'd be happy share it with you.
C. G



answers from Indianapolis on

All the information on Singulair's adverse events (essentially side effects) are on their website:

Just a quick glance shows that anxiety and agitation may be side effects. It doesn't mean that they will occur in every person taking the medication but have been reported in enough to consider it a possible side effect.

I'd really recommend having a conversation with your pediatrician.

Having been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost a decade, I'd encourage you to contact the FDA or the manufacturer to report the side effect and see what information is available:



answers from San Francisco on

I don't have experience with Singulair but you need to watch out for Zyrtec too, it can make your child do a 180. My friends 7 yr old son was on it for a week and he started getting frustrated at anything that didn't go right and having huge meltdowns. After looking at side affects, Zyrtec was the cause. She took him off and he immediately went back to himself after it wore off.


answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter is 4yr old and is on Singular granules. She has severe asthma and we placed her on Singular since November after her trip to the ER. It seems to really help her and we havent needed her inhaler once. She doesnt have any anxiety issues at all. Is your son on a nebulizer??

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