Allergies in 5 Year Old - Medication/side Effects?

Updated on April 27, 2009
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I think my 5 year old has allergies. As soon as it has warmed up, he has started sneezing randomly and rubbing his eyes. At first it was okay. However, all of last week I noticed that his eyes have been fairly red and he has a runny nose. I suspected allergies, but since he didn't complain (and I asked him several times how he felt) and he seemed to be fine, I thought I'd wait and see how things went. I did not want him on medication this early in his life. This weekend however was just horrible. He sniffled and had red, watery eyes and his throat was itchy and bothering him a lot. He was just miserable (as was I watching him). I think I am going to have to get him something. I intend to talk to the doctor, but wanted to find out from you what medications have your kids taken for allergies and what are their side effects. Which would you advise to completely stay away from? Any other details and advice? I am so upset this is happening to my little boy.

Thanks in advance,

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses. The doctor has put my son on Allegra and Nasonex. He is doing much, much better. Thanks again.

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My son developed allergies around 5 as well. The doctor put him on claritin-which doesn't cause drowsiness, and nasonex, a nasal spray. Other recommendations were to use the a/c and to make sure he showers at night before he goes to bed. Pollen collects on your head over the day and then ends up deposited your pillows and bedsheets. It all helps. It's a pain, but at 14, he's learned to deal with the seasonal sniffles.



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My son just had his physical this weekend and the doctor noticed he had allergies, he gets them once in a while with Spring being the worse season. She put him on Zyrtec which I get over the counter. It is once a day and she recommended Zyrtec because it does not cause drowsiness. I give him the chewable ones in the morning. Suprisingly she said to give it to him for a month until allergy season subsides.



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The last couple of weeks have been horrible for my daughter! We have her on a daily dose of Claritin. She is 2 1/2 years old and takes 1/2 a 10 mg adult pill every morning when she wakes up. It is the disolvable one so it is easy to get it in her and no fussing! We have also not noticed any unpleasant side effects!

We have tried MANY other ones including prescription but this one is one of our last resorts due to her being allergic to many of the ingredients in most of them. (she has a very rare disease that makes it harder)

One thing I did learn with the Zyrtec and Benedryl was to give both of them at night. Zyrtec was suppose to be non-drowsy but it seems to make her extremely tired- of course again that could be because she was allergic to it?!?!?

We also avoid anything with Red 40 or Yellow dyes in them since she is allergic to those. But studies have been showing that the Red may cause hyperactivity and increased sensitivities to it. Just a FYI incase you watch those things!

Also, it might take a week or so to notice any improvements. Be patient with any med you give and of course watch for any adverse reactions. Talk it over with his pediatrician so you know you are giving him the correct dosage for his size.

Good luck finding something you are comfortable giving him. Make sure you do your research once you are prescribed it and know what to look for if there is any problems! I sure hope you find something to make him- and you- feel better!
Blessings to you and yours!



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Poor thing! Both my 5 yr old son and my husband have horrible allergies, and the only meds that work for them is Claritin. My son takes the children's Claritin, of course. Just one tablet a day, and it really does help a lot with the runny nose, and he doesn't get drowsy or act hopped up like with a lot of meds. Good luck!



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My 5 year old takes Zyrtec at bedtime and it seems to work well for him. One of my older kids couldn't take it though because it kind of gave him a hangover the next day. He was still kind of sleepy, out of it and VERY cranky.

He's old enough to tell you how he's feeling, but definitely talk to the dr. for dosage and suggestions.




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We used dimetapp for my daughter when she was younger. Now that she's a teenager she takes claratin in the morning. I take it at night because it does make me drowsy even though it is not suppose too. Be sure to talk to your doctor.

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