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Updated on May 13, 2013
L.O. asks from Sterling Heights, MI
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my 6 year old son has had nosebleeds this spring. he is always rubbing his nose- especially at night. I will check on him and he is rubbing his nose on his pillow. Of course all of this rubbing is probably causing his nose to bleed. I think he has allergies making him so itchy. I know he is allergic to grass as he gets a rash if he sits in the grass.

I have tried giving him claritan for almost a week and it doesn't seem to help. Any idea.

he is acftng fine.. not sick at all.

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answers from Columbia on

yes to what wild woman said.

Also - use saline gel spray in his nose - it will keep it moist and then will not be as prone to bleeding.

You should also talk to the Dr about flonase. They are doing some research that flonase (or the generic equivalent) is actually BETTER than the allergy pill, because it actually stops then nose from secreting the mucous when it has the allergic response.
Problem - it's gross. especially for kids. The saline spray won't have odor or taste - so usually better for kids.

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answers from Washington DC on


I realize he's six - but put socks on his hands at night before he goes to bed. Tell him it will help him not scratch/itch his nose.

Give him the antihistamine at night instead of in the morning.

Have him tested to find out just what he is allergic to.
If he's having more problems in his bed - you might want to wash his pillow, bed spread, etc. and make sure his room is "dust free" - if he has carpeting - vacuum it before he goes to bed...make sure his blinds and/or curtains are cleaned too. I know it's a lot of work - but it should help!

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

I'd try a saline solution at night and maybe periodically throughout the day.

And I also agree with washing his pillow and bed spread.

In addition, I'd consider getting allergen mattress and pillow case covers in case he is allergic to dust mites.

If you want to try allergy medicine and Claritin isn't working, you could try Zyrtec or see an pediatric allergist and see what he/she suggests. Some medicines work better than others for each person. It seems to be that way with Claritin and Zyrtec. Some swear by one and others swear by the other.

One of my sons seems to have seasonal allergies and he has been doing better now that we've given him Zyrtec. I have tons of of outdoor allergies. I do a nasal inhaler and Zyrtec. If you talk to a pediatric allergist and your son ends up on a nasal inhaler, keep in mind that different inhalers also work better than others depending on the person. If one nasal inhaler doesn't work, ask the allergist for another brand. The allergist should be able to look up your son's nose and see if an inhaler would help as they can tell if the nasal passages are red and swollen.

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answers from New York on

His nose is too dry. Use a saline spray several times a day and at night. Be sure he's getting lots of water. One thing you can do is use some bacitracin or plain old Vaseline (just a little) with a Q-tip inside his nose. It will moisten it up.

Don't use a humidifier - those are breeding grounds for allergens.

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answers from Spokane on

I get nose bleeds when my allergies are severe also. Either use a saline solution and/or try a humidifier in his room to keep moisture in his sinuses.

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answers from Dallas on

Try a bit of vaseline up each nostril... sounds like the claritin is drying him out a little too well.


answers from Dallas on

It could be the Claritin drying out his nasal passages and that causes nosebleeds easily. Try the saline routine. But you should probably get him allergy tested as well.

Hope he gets better!



answers from Portland on

In response to vacuuming his room before going to bed, don't. Vacuuming stirs up the dust and pollen. When on has allergies, one should vacuum and leave the area so that what is stirred up has time to settle down.

I have allergies and an itchy nose. I, too, say it's likely his nose is dry. Use a saline spray works for many, apparently. Doesn't work for me. I use Vaseline or a personal lubricant. The personal lubricant is actually more comfortable because it is water soluable, but needs to be applied more often.

I also use a prescription nasal spray (Nasonex) which works better than oral antihistamines for reducing the discharge and itchiness. But it doesn't decrease the dryness.

Rubbing his nose would not cause it to bleed. It's the dry mucous membranes in his nose.



answers from Raleigh on

Sounds like grass to me. May and June are the what we call "grass season". My son is really allergic to grass, which we discovered at the allergist. We have found the Zyrtec works best. If he didn't take it every day, he gets nosebleeds and rashes. He also gets the allergic shiners, dark circles under his eyes. Anyway, try a different type of allergy medication. And give it a couple of weeks. If he really is allergic, it will help reduce symptoms.



answers from Oklahoma City on

The Claritin is more than likely causing the nose bleeds. It is drying him out so much he has no mucus left. Sounds like he needs a humidifier running in his area all the time because it's too dry.

If the nose bleeds were occurring before the Claritin then he was already dried out and then adding Claritin to that is painful. It causes almost like a dry socket feeling in his nose.

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