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Updated on October 27, 2010
G.J. asks from Sherman, TX
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Hi mamas out there, I need some advice. My nine month old daughter is usually a delight, energetic, standing, trying to walk, funny, despite the teething or normal crankiness they all get. But ever so often here lately she will wake up and start screaming and crying. This will go on for about 20 min. Now, mind you, during this time I have changed her, held her, sang to her, tried to feed her, used paci, lovey and her violet (bear) and her daddy steps in and gives me a break and does the same too. She gets to the point where her eyes are swollen and shes slobbering, and snots going everywhere...and I know Im painting a pretty picture, but it breaks my heart because I feel like she is hurting. I really dont believe this is something she is doing to get us out of bed to hold her or play because she sleep well during the night and some mornings I have to wake her up. Could she be allergic to something she's eating. Has anyone had this problem? This has only happened about four times within a three week period but its horrible. She's be okayed through her doctor to eat some table food and toddler graduates and she loves them. No one thing I've noticed has caused this though. Can a 9 month old still have colic spells? Oh, by the by she does have acid reflux but has never reacted this way. Any ideas?

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answers from Houston on

Hi G.,
My son had the identical thing and it lasted for about 14 months. The one and only, absolutely thing that worked for us was to put on his favorite Wiggles dvd. Even with reflux pain he would stop his crying dead in it's tracks. I have no idea why this worked, but it did it every time. Try it and see if it helps. Help comes in the strangest forms sometimes.
Another thing that may help is to record on paper everything that she ate or did on that day, especially immediately before, of the attack so that you can see if there is a connection.
Start her on some good probiotics too.
Good luck.

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answers from New York on

Keep a food journal and write any other changes you make in her daily routine. If you use a different soap, lotion, air freshener spray etc. I have kept a food journal every day of my daughter's life. We know she is allergic to something but still after 6 years haven't figured out what it is. Allergies can be so frustrating but the journal normally helps narrow it down. We once had a vanilla candle from Yankee that made my son violently ill. Of course at first I thought he had a bug but then the next time hubby lit it he got sick again. The 3rd time it happened the candle went in the trash but since I didn't think to note the candle the poor kid had to get sick 3 times. Yeah it's a little obsessive but if you are trying to figure out if something is wrong it's excusable. Good luck!


answers from Asheville on

I had a similar experience as Chris D. Docs kept telling us it was reflux, especially because she was preemie. Her twin was preemie too of course, but zero problems. My mother kept saying it sounds to her like an allergy. Asked Dr., he said no. (how would he know without checking?)
She would wake in the middle of the night and either cry for 30-60+ min. or throw up. I finally talked to the right person (but should have taken moms word for it). The right person is a mother of eight, with a DD that she had problems with until the 4th pediatrition sent them to a gastroenterologist at Childrens Hospital. She gave me the name and we made and appointment. It was 2 months away!!! About 2 weeks before the appointment I couldn't stand DD misery any more and started giving her goats milk.
Awsome Dr. asked a ton of questions about everything from day 1 of my little ones life. Said my Mom and I were right, this was an allergy to milk. Not lactose intolerance as many have, but an actual allergy to the proteins in the milk. As she checked baby girl out she also said that the 'diaper rash' I was canstantly fighting is an allergy to the diapers and to change brands!
She said that most children with food allergies have delayed reactions to the food because their little bodies are trying to handle it. So, milk all day, scream and vomit all night. We are now a goat milk house with happy sleeping babies. (We put sister on it to as they often pick up each others sippy cups)


answers from Dover on

It could be gas or an allergy (to either food or environmental agents). Be very aware of what chemicals (cleaning products, personal care products, etc) that you have in your home.



answers from St. Louis on

It could be a food allergy...although testing her is not necessarily going to give you that information. My daughter would wake and scream like that and it definitely was allergies. she had issues with dairy, corn, wheat, etc. etc. although the allergy tests were negative. We've since had her allergies treated and she sleeps all night....but occasionally when trying a new food will wake again at night. Keep a food diary. It might not be something obvious to you. My daughter's corn allergy was by FAR the toughest to manage as corn is in everything in this country and reading labels doesn't help.
Edited to add: and reflux CAN cause them to pain. It may be that she was a happy spitter before and now the reflux is hurting her. And allergies CAN cause reflux although docs will tell you that case meds won't help (and may actually cause more allergies by suppressing the stomach acid they need to break down food) daughter was medicated for her reflux for nearly 18 months although it didn't seem to help and that may be why she ended up allergic to nearly everything.



answers from Waco on

Unless you see hives, a rash, a runny nose, excessive sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing, red bottom... my guess is that it is NOT an allergy to something. I'd be more likely to think it was either colic, upset tummy, teething, or even night terrors. HTH!



answers from Boise on

I wonder if it could be the teething. She wakes up just a little and feels the pain?



answers from Austin on

Night terrors...Around 9 months separation anxiety begins because they are starting to develop long term memories and they don't want you to go away. I don't mean it is separation anxiety (in that case she would just cry when you put her down or leave) but it goes hand in hand with realizing there are scary things in the world. Also, check to be sure she is actually awake, when you say her name will she look at you in the eye? If asleep she may not, she could still respond to you but be asleep and eyes wide open. All 2 of mine went through it, but my middle child still has them.



answers from College Station on

It sounds like Night Terrors and there is nothing you can do about them. She is asleep, though she seems not to be. They do grow out of them but the time they are 3.

Good Luck



answers from Austin on

Sounds to me like she might be having trouble digesting something she's eating. Think about what new foods you might have added to her diet recently. My kids had trouble with milk proteins, just like someone else mentioned. The good news is, that's one kids out grow.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with Kelly E. it sounds like night terrors to me to. My daughter went through this and it is terribly painful for the parents. The child, although her eyes are open is likely not awake and will have no memory of the event. She is not doing this for attention or creating a new routine. All you can do is be there to comfort her and know that she is not really aware of the things you are offering her. It is a phase and this too shall pass.

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