Allergic to Mosquitoes?

Updated on June 28, 2013
J.W. asks from Pontiac, MI
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UGH!!! I had the kids out playing in the sprinkler yesterday. My 2 year old had on a swim diaper and a swim shirt (the kind with short sleeves). When I took it off of her to come inside I could not belive that she had 6 mosquito bites on her back UNDER the shirt!

I found it odd that they were already showing and that they were all red around the "bump", but didn't think much of it. LAst night I went to change her diaper before I went to bed and noticed that she was scratching in her sleep. So much that it woke her up (she usually goes right back to sleep if she even wakes up during the diaper change) and she could not go back to sleep. I sprayed Dermaplast on it, tried an ice pack - but she wouldn't keep it on - then put on Oragel type stuff (thought it might numb it) and then finally Hubby found some OTC allergy meds that we gave her. It is the 24 our kind.

I am not looking forward to a whole summer of hiding from mosquitoes. Any suggestions? I know I should get a good bug spray -does anyone have a good one to suggest. Also, if your child has this issue, what do you use for relief? It seems to be mreo than a "normal" reaction to mosquitoes.

Also - my hubby s going to spray for them, but it has been so rainy that we ahven't been able to.

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So What Happened?

Ok, ok. Maybe I worded it wrong? I know everyone has a reaction to mosquitoes, hers was just more than normal with the exaggerated red areas spreading out from them.

Ann C. - YIKES! I don't think it will be that bad for her (I hope) because it went down a ton by about noon the next day.

I asked the pharmacist and she said to get .5% hydrocortizone cream. I could only find that dosage in the sensitive skin type. I guess the lower dose due to her age. That and the Benadryl seemed to do the trick. They are still there a few days later but they look like "normal" bites.

I did check, also, and the pharmacist said they were mosquito bites. But thanks for the warnings about chiggers!!! Ewww!!!

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answers from El Paso on

My girls pediactric perscribes them Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment .1% He says its for bug bites.
The itching stop shortly after applying, and the bumps go down no rednes or itching. :-)

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answers from New York on

The reaction is totally normal. Go to the pharmacy and get some clear Caladryl lotion. Wherever there is a bite, put some on. It will help a lot!!

And I agree with using Avon skin so soft - it works and isn't filled with harmful chemicals like Deet.

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answers from Columbia on

Totally normal.

I suggest that your husband not only spray for mosquitoes, but that you also invest in some mosquito traps for your yard. Look for and dump out any standing water. If you have puddles or muddy, wet areas in your yard, work to get them filled in. Mosquitoes breed in water.

If you're outside, a fan will help keep them away. Mosquitoes aren't very strong fliers. And if someone is bitten, the Cutter BiteMD stick is awesome to help the itch. You can find them at any Walgreens.

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answers from St. Louis on

Everyone is allergic to mosquitoes so to speak. The itching is a histamine reaction. Her reaction does not sound abnormal. Since the bites were under her shirt you may want to consider you are dealing with chiggers. My husband has to spray the yard several times a year because they also eat me alive.

Some people suggest garlic. I eat so much garlic I sweat garlic and I am eaten alive every time I leave my yard. Don't think that one works.

Anyway, witch hazel removes the itch right away. Then you just reapply when the itch comes back.

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answers from Chicago on

My youngest was allergic to them. He would get but and they would immediately swell to big huge knots. Give her her benadryl. There is a blue spray that is a dry formula for kids you can spray her down with. It's made by either cutter or off. We found the mosquitos are the worst early in the day or in the evening. And especially in shady areas. My mom just said there is a sub screen with off built in. Might want to check on that also

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answers from Madison on

My 13-year-old daughter is horribly allergic to mosquito bites. They get red, raised, inflamed, and the inflammation spreads way out from the bite. Sometimes, if the bites are by areas that bend, she will literally cry because it hurts so much.

We've found that putting pure organic vanilla (like you use for baking) on her pulse points and over large expanses of skin when she's outside helps to keep them away--they don't like the smell of vanilla.

When she is bit, we like to use meat tenderizer (like Lawry's), mixed with water into a paste and put on the bite marks. This will help draw out the poison (it has papain in it, which is what draws out the poison). You can also try different toothpastes; they tend to be soothing. Or baking soda mixed with water as a paste; that will help dry out the bite and should also take out the poison. Also, essential oil of Lavender helps take away the itch as well as the inflammation--we just discovered this one this year. We also give her the homeopathic remedy apis mellifica, which helps control the inflammation. There are also other essential oils that you can mix up and put into a spray bottle that will help ward off mosquitoes--and that will smell halfway "nice."

I prefer to find alternative solutions to controlling bugs/relieving bites, as I refuse to spray bug spray with all its chemicals all over her skin.

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answers from Milwaukee on

When my kids are little their bodies just hate mosquito bites. The bites swell up to huge huge welts. Last year my 3 year olds eye was swollen shut. I use Benadryl gel or spray on them. Really works.

I do not use bug spray unless it's absolutely necessary. I just have them come in if the skeetos are bad. Natural sprays don't work for our hungry skeets so Deet is the only way to go. Deet is bad for you and smells terrible so it's only used on their clothes when we have to be outside.

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answers from Dover on

Some people are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others (not sure if it is an true "allergy" though). Some people also seem more prone than others to be "eaten alive" by them. Some people are both more prone and more sensitve to them (I am one of those people and always have been).

When I was younger, our doctor told my parents that wetting the skin where the bite is and putting meat tenderizer helps with the itching. For me, it helped but it wasn't long lasting (but at least it wasn't harsh chemicals or medicines). I have family members that swear by Skin So Soft by Avon (which did help but I hated the smell and the original works better than the other scents).

I did have a discussion with a friend in the medical field and she was telling me that there are now studies that indicate that mosquitos may actually be more drawn to those of certain blood types (obviouslly they will still get others but so are just truly more prone to being bitten).

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answers from New York on

My 6 year old has the same issue, her mosquito bites get huge and swollen way more than is normal. The most effective mosquito repellent is DEET, but that's a dangerous chemical especially for a little kid. There are safer, more natural bug repellents but they're not as effective and you have to cover every inch of your child with them. There's a bracelet out there too but I don't know if it really works.

Do you have bird baths or any stagnant water in your yard? That's a breeding ground for mosquitoes so dump that water. I just read that loose clothing actually gets you bitten less because tight clothing holds in more body heat and mosquitoes are drawn to our body heat.

We use aloe sometimes, or give her kids' allergy medicine to calm the swelling and allergic reaction, and just found out Desert Essence blemish stick works well too because it has tea tree oil which helps reduce the swelling. Which allergy medicine works best will depend on your daughter. Some kids respond well to the ingredient in Children's Claritin, others Allegra or some other brand. If you mix brands, just make sure you check which active ingredient is in it so you don't accidentally give her an over dose.

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answers from Eugene on

I'm allergic to mosquito bites. If untreated, bites will swell up on me to 5-6 inches in diameter and itch all summer. I've found if I glop on Benadryl gel several times a day, it reduces the itch and swelling, and the bites only last a week or so.

Mosquitos will bite me through my clothes, even a thick t shirt. So, cover your little girl up and spray her clothes. Then use a repellent lotion on exposed skin. Make sure to rub some on her ears and hair, esp along the part. I've gotten bitten there, too.

There are also clothes you can buy that have repellent built in to them. I'm not sure about kids clothes, but ex-officio brand has them for adults. That would give your daughter some protection without totally covering her in repellent all summer.

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answers from Detroit on

Get cutter for bugs n spray your lawn every eight weeks its awesome for Mosquitos we have them bad this year too good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

I think everyone is allergic,I may be wrong.We all get red bumps and we all itch.So you want bug spray to put on your kids?Good choice lol.I think Mosquito repellant might work.

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answers from New York on

Avon Skin So Soft. Great repellent. Mosquitos loved my sister. Never went near me.

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answers from Boise on

Okay, I'm not so sure this was mosquitoes. The placement is off for a mosquito, have you heard of chiggers?

A friend went through something and thought it was mosquito also, and it turns out it was chiggers. Just a thought.

As for itching, there isn't a whole lot that can be done sadly.

My DD doesn't react well to any bites, sometimes Benedryl helps, but that is only sometimes, however we have to give it otherwise she swells up really badly.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Both my youngest daughter and nephew see a more severe reaction from mosquito bites. The bites can sometime swell to between a golf ball and tennis ball size. But the swelling subsides fairly quickly, like after a day or two. We use hydrocortisone ointment and benedryl at night for itching.

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answers from Los Angeles on

If you have a problem with mosquitos and want to eradicate them, don't spray. I read up on the life cycle of the mosquito. I bought a 1/4 to 1/3 acre bug wacker and hung it in the corner of my yard away from the house. I hung it face high so my nose was the same height as the center of the grid. Then I went to my local friendly butcher and bought some fresh liver and asked for some extra blood. (Yes, he looked at me like I was crazy.)

I took the container of beef liver and blood and attached it to my bug wacker. Then I went and plugged in the bug wacker around dusk. The first two weeks I got so many mosquitos, I couldn't see the light in the morning. I got about 1.5 cups of mosquitos each night for the first two weeks. (Just think of how many mosquitos it takes to fill a cup!) I would unplug my bug wacker and use a garden hose to carefully (!!!) spray the mosquitos out of the bug wacker. Then I would plug it in again at night after it had a chance to dry. After three weeks I could go outside and use above ground pool at night. After 4 weeks I could use the pool and BBQ outside with no problem. I killed so many mosquitos over the summer that over the next two years they never came back. (I moved after that.)

BTW, Beef blood seems to work better than pork or chicken blood.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Find out if you can increase her vinegar intake. I am not sure if it's healthy or not for a little one. My MIL went to Alaska for a drive and she started taking Vinegar pills a few weeks before. She could wipe her hand down her arm and it would come away with squashed mosquitoes, she never got one bite though.

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answers from Boston on

First, be sure they are mosquito bites. Sometimes bites under clothing (her shirt, the diaper) are from something that crawls, like a spider, vs. something that flies, like a mosquito. If it occurs on windy days, it's probably not a mosquito as they are weak flyers and can't fight the breeze.

Also, in Massachusetts, the state has a mosquito control project that does spraying for free. In heavily infested areas where West Nile or EEE are found, they go in unrequested. Otherwise, we can request spraying - they come in the evening and do the yard and woods behind our house. Our neighbors usually get together and all request spraying, so the state comes in and does a lot of houses in the area, which seems to do a better job. We close our windows for about a half hour, as directed, but there is no smell or residue we're aware of. I don't know if your state offers a similar program, but it might be worth checking into - less expense for you, and your husband won't be breathing whatever you buy over the counter.

Other things you can do is make sure you have no standing water - turn over kids' buckets and frisbees, any flowerpots or wheelbarrows, and anything else that collects water. Even a bottle cap, they tell us, enough for a few thousand eggs if it just sits there for 2 days, stagnant. Some people also put up houses for martens - big mosquito eaters - but you have to do that well before the first birds migrate up in the early spring, and you need to put that in an open area. Around here, where we have a lot of woods, people put up bat houses - again, big mosquito eaters.

To treat bites, ice is good but hard to use with a child. You could try some hydrocortisone or other anti-itch cream if it's okay on young kids - check with the pharmacist or pediatrician. If you can put it on with a bandaid lightly covering it, it won't rub off and your child won't get her hands in it. I find putting it on with a bandaid keeps you from having to rub it in, which increases the itch. And there is the old standby of a cornstarch bath.

Good luck - I'm pretty susceptible to bites so I sympathize.

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answers from New York on

Most everyone will have some sort of reaction to mosquito bites. If she is truely allergic, you can speak with an allergist as they might recommend shots to desensitize her or an epipen to control an extreme reaction.

I had an allergic reaction to some bug bite, earlier this year, the one bite became red and inflamed and about 4" in diameter. It was excruciatingly itchy and painful all at once.

I feel for your little girl. After going to the clinic, I was advised to take some benadryl to assist with itching and swelling.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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