Allergic to Molding Helmet?

Updated on April 10, 2013
L.G. asks from Clinton Township, MI
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Has anyone ever experience their baby, or heard of a baby that was allergic to the cranial molding helmet? My daughter got hers December 4, and shortly after, starting having what we thought at the time were cold symptoms. Well, they never went away. They maybe let up for a few days, but then would come back. We just thought it was a bad cold season for a while, but then by February, we started to suspect an allergy. We tried a few things such as taking milk products from her diet (that wasn't it), and switching to ALL free and clear detergents. Then, she finished with her helmet mid-march, and within a few days, all symptoms went away. We are wondering if she was just allergic to something in the helmet?

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answers from Dallas on

It very well could have been how it was making her head change shape may have affected her sinus passages and made her drain not nessasaraly the helmet.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I am very sensitive to chemicals and I am sure those helmets have all sorts of chemicals in them. I am sure someone felt it necessary to put flame retardants in there too. Depending on what it is made from she could very well have been allergic or at least sensitive. I have to use certain types of shower curtain liners and foam products due to my issues.

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answers from Detroit on

I would say a good possibility could be something it was maid out of not mold.


answers from St. Louis on

I doubt it she was allergic to anything in the helmet. I have a lot of allergies and that would be a contact allergy. A contact allergy could cause respiratory issues but you would have a rash first. Ya know, hives?

This has been a strange winter for my allergies, maybe she just has normal ones.



answers from St. Louis on

sounds like it! Be thankful all symptoms went away!

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