Allergic to Gummy Flintstones?

Updated on February 11, 2013
A.F. asks from Des Plaines, IL
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Has anyone had a kid that turned out to be allergic to Gummy Flintstone vitamins? My daughter has a BAD peanut allergy plus fish and then milk and eggs to a lesser degree (eczema). The gummy flintstones have a coconut (tree nut) warning. My daughter tested negative to tree nuts. However, after 3 weeks of these vitamins, her eczema was so bad, she was literally scratching little holes in her bend of her elbow, joint at her wrist, back of her knees, etc. I took her off yesterday and switched to regular HARD Flintstones (1/2 a tab as she is 2 yrs old). Just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem or could suggest another gummy vitamin that doesn't contain coconut oil -- all the ones I saw did.


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So What Happened?

I have been giving her the chewable HARD regular Flintstones for 2 days now and apparently she broke out in a huge rash on her belly today at daycare (unexplained by anything she ate as it was morning time and she had DAIRY FREE PANCAKES for breakfast that I made and fruit). Anyway - I guess I am going to try the Shaklee vitamins (my Grandmother sells them and I buy the granular stuff for my infant) but am leaning toward the Kosher ones rather than the Incredivites due to my daughter's milk allergy (Incredivites have a milk warning). Any insights on the Shaklee vitamins and any food allergies are welcome! I have been e-mailing back and forth with my Grandmother's next level up Shaklee sales/manager but she is not knowledgeable about food allergies and is pushing the Omega 3 Mighty Smarts (contain Talapia) or the Omega Guard capsolues cut open and put in food/drink (contain herring and mackrel) when I told her our daughter is allergic to fish.... I know -- sometimes, I just need a little patience :)

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I don't have advice about this, as it has not happened to me, but if she can handle the hard flinstones, they make one called 'my first flinstones', which I have my daughter on per the dr. recommendation, and then you don't have to break them in half. THey are for ages 2-3 or 2-4.

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I don't have any gummy suggestions for you, however with my kids I chose to stay away from synthetic vities like Flintstones, which contain dyes, artificial ingredients and even coal tar derivatives!

My kids take Shaklee Incredivites. They are chewable--I like them because they are whole-food based (the best source for your body to get nutrients), they have no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, and they are the only kids vitamin on the market to contain lactoferrin, which is the protein also found in breastmilk which is thought to enhance immunity.

Incidentally, they also have a chewable omega/DHA supplement which has greatly helped my middle daughter's issues with dermatitis. If you're having difficulty getting dd's eczema under control, you may want to try some natural approaches. I'd be happy to give you more info if you'd like.

Best wishes!

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My son (2 yo) and I suffer from eczema as well, we do not use the flintstone gummies, rather the gummyvites and Lil critter brand. We also take an Omega 3(lil critter) gummy supplement, as it helps brain development, but we find it also helps w/eczema(bonus). We do not have the allergies your daughter does, but we do have incite as to the eczema! It can just be a bear! A helpful website is We had to change our soap, laundry detergent as well as dishwasher liquid? All the things that come in contact w/your child can affect them. Even the fork that feeds them?? I know right! Keep in mind that a topical steroid like Hydrocortisone or Triamsinolone should not be used longer than 2 weeks for a lil' one. Or anyone really, if it hasn't resolved in that time frame a visit to the doctor is advised. We like the Sarna lotion for a barrier, the recommended Aquaphor is so thick and I didn't see much relief with it. Again these are my opinions. We have also learned through trial and error that we cannot put our son in the fire retardant sleepwear, we have to use cotton, or else it exacerbates his eczema. I apologize for the lengthy response, but eczema can and does affect everything else! These children are also prone to asthma, not to add to your worry but it is something to watch for? Not all physicians tell us these things?? I don't know if they don't know or don't bother until it is a viable concern??

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We have tried Lil Critters. They are the only one my son will eat. I believe it is nut free (not sure though) and I know it has no dyes or artificial coloring (which was my concern. Nordic Naturals also makes a gummy which is called "Nordic berries". My son wouldn't eat them, i think they are a little more chewy & soft than the regular gummy & taste a little different, but they are supposedly pretty good (if your child will eat them!)



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My 3 year old is actually having some rash issues and break outs after using the gummy flinstones. shes only been taking them for 2 1/2 days. i took her to the doctor and they told us it was some kind of reaction, but my daughter doesn't have any previous known allergies. when you stopped giving your daughter them did she get better?



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I know my kids are allergic to the dyes in those vitamins maybe they are the culprit here. Red dye 40 is a powerful allergen and comes in almost everything we give our kids. I'll pray for your daughter. I only have a littel exzema and it is AWFUL!! to ich like that.



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Check to see what gel agent is used. If it is agar then that might be the problem because agar is made from seaweed.



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I am not sure, but you can go to and ask there.

I think the new data is saying that if they are allergic to peanuts, to avoid tree nuts, also. That was the last thing I heard on the subject.

I know a lot of moms there have used the GUmmy Vites. Also, I think Trader Joes' vitamins. But if you have a child with peanut allergy, you should really try that forum, join and read up. There is a special section on Manufacturers and labeling. Good luck!



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HI A.!

My daughter has a rare disease that causes allergic reactions to who knows what?!?!?! We do know some of her triggers are Red 40 and Yellow 5&6 which is in a lot of vitamins amongst lots of other things including some preservatives. Maybe that is what is causing it?

What we have found and works for us is the Trader Joes Childrens Chewable Vitamins/dietary supplement and also Lil Critters makes one (We get the zinc and echinacea one for immunity booster)- I believe we got this at Trader Joes although I have seen it at Walgreens. The Lil Critters one says on there....This product contains no artifical colors, flavors, preservatives, wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts or soy. (the ingredients do say fractionated coconut oil though)

Also, if you find that she is itchy there is a great recipe for lotion at It is on the left hand side of the page called Magic Masto Lotion. This is what we use on everything for my daughter since she has Mastocytosis. We LOVE it and what it does to help her skin!

Hope you find something that she can take! Blessings to you and yours!
- T.



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Probably the aritificial colors, etc. I would try finding a natural vitamin that is maybe whole-foods based or includes probiotiocs.



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I'm not sure what it is about the vitamins, but my son reacted to the regular chewable flindyones and he also has a peanut allergy. I now give him Juice Plus and he is ok with that.

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