Allergic Reaction to Eggplant

Updated on December 20, 2011
A.W. asks from Huntsville, AL
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my 9 month old broke out in a rash on his chin, checks, and mouth after eating a couple of bites of eggplant so i know he is allergic to it.
my question is what can i put on his face to help with his rash? he acts like it don't bother him at all and i have been watching his breathing and it seems fine. i have also gave him Tylenol.

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So What Happened?

i was wondering if he could have benedryl i knew they took all the infant kind off the shelf was not sure if it was safe to give him benedryl. his rash showed up last night after supper he is fine other than the rash. the rash looks better in this morning and just got worse this afternoon.

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answers from Boston on

As the others have mentioned, Benadryl is the first line of defense for an allergic reaction of any kind as its shuts down the histamine reaction. Keep both liquid (oral) and topical cream in your medicine cabinet.

Eggplant is a food that's not likely to cause an allergic reaction so when it does, it's usually a topical or oral food allergy, which is different from a regular food allergy. The body is basically reacting to a protein in the food as if it were a pollen, showing signs of surface-level irritation (it feels like tingling in the mouth or tongue, or like you're tongue is wearing a sweater) but not anaphylaxis, which is the deadly reaction more commonly associated with true food allergies . Eggplant oral food allergy is more common in people of Indian descent but it can happen to anyone. Oral food allergies are usually associated across whole families of foods and are linked to severe pollen allergies. My oldest son has had severe allergies to most tree pollen in the spring for 10 years and a couple of years ago, started to develop oral food allergies to raw fruits and vegetables and the list of reactive foods is growing and now includes some nuts. For most produce that causes oral/topical allergies, cooking the food changes the protein that the body thinks is pollen into a form that the body does not confuse with pollen, so many people with oral allergies can eat cooked or processed foods, just not raw. Eggplant is one of the foods where one of the reactive proteins retains it's pollen-like structure even after cooking, as do some nuts.

Anyway...give Benadryl for now and you should see the rash clear up and know that he's fine. Obviously avoid eggplant for now and talk to your pediatrician. I would imagine that with a baby so young, it would be prudent to have allergy testing done so that you know what you're dealing with. Maybe it's just a freak thing that he'll outgrow later, but if there are other foods in the eggplant family that would cause a similar reaction, it would be good to know that now, and if this is a true oral food allergy, you're probably going to be dealing with pollen allergies as well. Other nightshade vegetables are tomatoes and peppers and there are probably others in that family that should be avoided for now.

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answers from Chicago on

make sure it is the eggplant itself and not the way it was cooked. was it cooked in any kind of coating / sauce / oil? butter? cheese? sometimes its not the item itself but the oil / butter it was cooked in

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answers from Detroit on

you need to give him benadryl then rash should clear right up....if his mouth & lips are swollen you need to call 911 & tell them he's having an Anaphylactic reaction & needs EPI. Food allergy reactions are very serious. Please do not wait. He doesn't need tylenol...he NEEDS a does of benadryl.

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answers from Seattle on

An allergic reaction is otherwise known as a histamine reaction.

Which means to stop the reaction = antihistamine

Usually, at home, that means Benedryl.

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answers from Houston on

He needs Benedryl not Tylenol. Call your pedi's office for correct dosing information for his age.


answers from Dothan on

Benadryl makes a spray mist that I keep in the frig for my now 13 yr old who is allergic to chocolate (STILL tries occasionally)...I would take my 9 mt old to the Ped Doc tho' before giving anything orally.

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