Allergic Even in the Womb...?

Updated on February 27, 2008
L.P. asks from Clearwater, FL
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I drink abnormal amounts of milk. By myself I can probably finish 1 gallon in 2-3 days. I am 23 weeks pregnant and for the last two (maybe three weeks) I have been noticing that everytime I drink milk (or take in any kind of dairy product) my baby moves around so much. My sister has had three children, all of which were born with milk allergies (which is type I allergy), AND my sister drinks milk the same way I do. I am curious to know if babies can suffer from food allergies in the womb. When he moves around, it is not like his normal movement, instead it almost feels like he is in pain. I have tried to research this on the internet, but the only thing I have come across isn't very clear. I have a doctor's appointment coming up and I plan on asking, but I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced anything similiar... or am I just crazy?

Here is a little of what I found on the internet, again, it is not a clear yes or no answer.
"Type I food allergy occurs after a primary sensitization event to the implicated food and is more common in children, especially during infancy. The primary sensitization event may occur in the womb do to passage across the placenta of food proteins ingested by the mother. Thus infants may react on first exposure to a food due to sensitization that occurred prior to birth."

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So What Happened?

I am not too worried about the baby being born with a milk allergy, as I am expecting it. Dairy allergies are VERY common of infants, but it is something they generally grow out of. I did ask my doctor and she said, no they cannot suffer from allergies in the womb, and the movement is normal. Babies normally move after the mother eats, or sometimes even after liquids. Since milk is a heavy liquid, it is almost like taking in a food. Due to the amount that I take it, it could also be filling my tummy and possibly making the baby feel a little more crowded- causing him to want to move. I also asked if I should limit the amount of milk I drink and she said NO! As long as you do not substitute milk for meals, drink as much as you WANT, but do not force yourself to drink it (even if that means you never drink it).

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My first reaction to this is..........limit your milk. God gives us an amazing amount of discernment as mothers when we are pregnant and after our kids are born too. What would it hurt to limit it? You don't need that much milk. If this is something that runs in your family, then don't test it.

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Ive never heard of anything like this I have 2 children and many friends/family with children. With my 1st pregnancy I drank a lot of milk easily a couple gallons a week. With both pregnancies the babies moved after I ate and drank and they are not allergic to anything. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Good luck and I hope everything is ok........



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I drank that much milk when I was pregnant too, for calcium and for protein. I've cut back since birth since I breast feed, and I noticed she would get gassy on the days I drank a lot. I would talk to your OB if you have concerns.



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From what I understand a fetus can not have an allergic reaction because he/she is only getting the protiens from you, a baby can be sensitized to milk-meaning that when born and weather breast feeding or bottle feeding may have a reaction. but it's the break down of the proteins that cause the as far as I know babies can not have a reaction in the womb-they don't break down the proteins in the womb-you do. But I think it may still be worth asking you Dr.....and the movement after drinking the milk is probably from the sugars in the milk



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I know this is an old post, but as I sit here with severe eczema on my hands I felt compelled to reply. My mother also drank loads of milk and consumed lots of dairy with me while she was pregnant and guess what? I popped out with massive allergies to anything dairy. When I was really little if I even had anything with a milk derivative in it I broke out all over my hands. This led to several doctors trips, pokes and prods and lots of pain. I was given many topical creams for the eczema and it didn't do much. Eventually it cleared up and I started to grown out of it. BUT I still get a horrible flair up every 8 years or so. Usually when I have a little too much dairy out it comes. Right now I am ready to cut my hands off they itch and look so bad! So, I encourage you if your baby is moving funny when you drink milk...either stop or lower your intake. Remember there are other sources for calcium.

As far as babies not having allergies in the womb I am not sure if I buy that one. The only thing that ever made me sick and vomit during my pregnancy was orange juice. Tried it 3 times during and all 3 times was in the bathroom. So, I have my son and what is the ONE thing he can't guessed it Orange juice. He doesn't break out per say, but he gets twitchy and sort of spastic if that makes sense. No orange juice no strange behavior. Seriously like another poster said we as women are given a sixth sense so we must use it.

If the thread starter has already had her baby I would love to know the outcome...always curious about these dairy allergies.



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Dear L. P.

To answer your question regarding allergies that a baby can have prior to is true that all babies are subject to whatever the mother ingests, so therefore hand-to-hand, a mother can pass on allergies genetically as well as the intake of food or any substance.

If you already have a family history of allergies, then the percentage rises that your child will also have one or more of the allergies even if you do not. Many genetic predispositions can skip a generation appearing in the child but neither one of the parents. Babies can also develop allergic reactions through mutated genes or hormones.

I think that you should seriously consider stopping your intake of milk, especially, but possibly other dairy products until you know for sure that this is not presenting a problem for your unborn. If you find that its just a coincidence that your baby moves more during your intake of milk, then you wouldn't have any worries.

It is really best that bring this to the attention of your doctor, as you have stated that you intend to do, however I would do so today by making a phone call. Don't wait until your next appointment to ask the now and many times your doctor's staff are quite knowledgeable and can answer your question without waiting to see your doctor. Getting an answer today is far better than waiting til your next appointment.

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming new arrival !!!

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