Updated on November 22, 2010
E.V. asks from Bayfield, WI
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I switched my baby from huggies to luvs diapers a month ago due to not being able to drive to a town thats 20 miles away where our closest wal mart is. I recently bought luvs wipes also and i noticed redness and little pumps on and around his private area. I'm wondering if he's allergic to the wipes because we didn't have this problem with the diapers. Any suggestions??

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answers from Des Moines on

Could be a reaction. My kids couldn't wear luvs either or pampers. They would get rashy. I had them in huggies forever. Then a friend encouraged me to try They have a generic brand that is awesome... and cheap. I'd encourage you to try the premium baby diapers - they are just as good as huggies. But you can also buy huggies on their site if you still want to, they often have sales. If you use coupons, you can mail in your manufacturers coupons, they will accept them and credit them to your account. The best part is they are delivered to your door within a few days. That would be ideal for you so you don't have to drive. I love and tell everyone I know about it.

Here's a coupon to get you started. "15offdeal" you'll get 15% off your first order.



answers from Duluth on

might be. use cream, try to keep it dried out (if you can keep in out in open air for a bit now and then this could help) but see if you use other wipes if it goes away.. dont forget; food can also cause a rash.

good luck


answers from Los Angeles on

Stop using the wipes.
Use soap and water.


answers from Chicago on

It is possible. Or he might just be sensitive to an ingredient. We cannot use Pampers diapers as both my kids react and we have to stick with the sensitive fragrance free wipes that are kind of for newborns or they react. We have found we can use Coscto's kirkland fragrance free baby wipes and they are AOK. Best of luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

We make our own wipes. They are EASY, inexpensive, and are wonderful for baby. I cut a roll of high quality paper towels in half, and remove the center tube. In a tall rectangular rubbermaid container, large enough to hold the half roll of paper towels, I add about 2 c warm water, a couple Tbsp of an oil (I use almond oil, but others have used avacado oil), and a few drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Swirl it around to mix, and then drop the roll of paper towels into the container. Put the lid on and wait a few hours for the paper towels to be fully absorbed. Then, you just pull the towels out from the middle of the roll. They are so soft and smell so good. The Lavender is soothing for baby. The Tea Tree is anticeptic. So, it is a great combo for baby! I hope you try it. We were sold the first time we tried it. Love it!



answers from Seattle on

It does sound like he is allergic. Did you notice this problem before with different wipes?
If not, then next time you go to town buy the bulk packages, they usually come in 3 packs. I like parents choice, unscented kind from Walmart. They are inexpensive, and they work great.
If you cant make it to town, they have websites that will deliver wipes, diapers, pretty much anything you need to your front door free of charge., or I know amazon does things like that too. Many different websites.
Until the red bumps go away I would just use a soft, wet, warm wash cloth, without the soap because the soap may irritate it further.

Good luck!

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