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Updated on July 09, 2008
A.G. asks from McKinney, TX
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I would love to hear from any of you moms who went through natural childbirth at Allen Birthing Center. Please let me know all about your experience. THANK YOU!!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone who replied! We have decided to use ABC, and we're very at peace with that decision. We did go on a tour on Monday and we really "knew" that's what we wanted. I was just interested in other people's experiences. I know we are going to have the birth we want. :) Thank you again!

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Becky is a fabulous midwife and while I didnt birth at the center, she caught my 3rd at home, it is a fabulous place. Call and take a tour! I have a doula client birthing there this month.

Let me tell you, as the mom of 4,- 2 of which were homebirthed and 1 more homebirthing baby on the way, out of hospital birth is like no other experience! When you have complete control of your experience, it makes a world of difference.

COngratulations on a great decision!

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Have you toured there yet? I hope you get responces to your request but I am a european midwife and I can tell you - they are really great and if trouble heads their way they have no problem refering you to a doctor.
If you ge responces please forward to me. I teach lamaze classes and am regularly asked about the facility.



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Good Morning,
I have gone and toured the Allen Birthing Center, as a nursing student. It is a wonderful place. I have three children all were born in the hospital because my insurance at the time would not cover a midwife. I would have loved to have given birth at the Center. I talked with the midwifes and all have tons of experience and would intervene and have you go to a hospital if you would need to. Other wise they will let you direct how your labor and delivery goes what ever method that you would like to do they will follow. Good luck.



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I did not give birth at the Allen Birthing Center. I did have natural childbirth 25 years ago though. Great experience. I had my mind set that this is only a temporary situation and the pain would subside soon. I felt more pain/after pain when I had four wisdom teeth removed four years later! Good luck!

PS I think what helped me is that I walked a lot... slept well... and stayed away from caffeine products.

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