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Updated on June 25, 2009
M.M. asks from La Habra, CA
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Hi moms,

I was just notified that CPS has a good chance of closing its Pre K programs for next year. I am looking for a preschool program that is academic and education based and not like a playschool program. I am willing to drive anywhere in chicago and the burbs for this for my child. Please let me know of programs that you have your child in and how you feel about it.
I only have two months two find something.


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I'm not sure this is what you want to hear but I'll share it and if you choose to disregard, so be it. Each is entitles to his or her own decisions and opinions. From an educational prospective, being that this is my field of work (I have a masters in early childhood and I work now as a part time private reading specialist) and I have taught pre-k for more than 10 yrs. and academic is NOT better for them, based on all the research we have over many yrs and all the long term stats on development and IQ's. At this age, a play based program proves to give them higher intelligence levels long term, and breeds happier people as adults. I can explain it all further if you are interested in learning more on why but all I'm saying is that you may not want to jump at an academic program thinking you are getting your child a 'head start' cause you are not. Again, I am happy to explore the reasons behind these facts. Good luck with your decision and please make it an informed one.

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Try the Chicago Park Districts-most have a preschool program. They might not be academic enough for you, but your child will probably enjoy it. Good luck.



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Hello M. M:

I have to agree that putting your child in a classroom from age 3-5 (before kindergarten is pushing it a bit) UNLESS they have fun, interactive learning, music, movement and social playing which includes numbers, colors, shapes, alphabets, three-letter words, story time, nap time, creativity time and so on. To have the child in a classroom setting 5 days a week for 5-6 hours at a time is a bit too stressful. I taught my son his numbers up to 30, alphabets, 3-letter words, beginning reading, shapes, color, common facts and so on (such as how many days in the week are there? Where does milk come from?) up to the age 5 and I worked a full time job too. I would work with him at home playing w/learning and then drop him off each morning to a "home daycare" and would give the daycare provider the tools I was using and the DVD's (for all the kids) and the toys and computer toys for him to use and she began using them for the other kids in her home daycare. He is in a gifted school now and he will be turning 7 in July. It's a big decision but consider those factors when you select a place for your child to attend. Half day pre-school classes in a school setting are best in my opinion.



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Which program are you talking about? I just registered my son last week for Pre-K in the Preschool For All program at our CPS... Are you talking about the tuition-based programs? This is news to me.



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I enrolled my child at the local CPS for Pre-K for 2009-2010 and have not heard anything about them closing.

Previously, we were enrolled at the park district (John P Wilson Park) and it was wonderful for my daughter. She learned quite a bit while enjoying social time & I can't recommend it enough.

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