Alkaline Water (Ionizers)

Updated on September 01, 2009
A.A. asks from Keller, TX
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My mother and step-father have used an Enagic water ionizer. For those who do not know, this type of machine filters water, makes it PH balanced and oxgenates it (in simple terms). Besides my mother and step-father praising the health benefits of this water, I've spoken to a couple other ladies who have a had diseases that the water has helped. We are looking to purchase a Jupiter Melody model as it does nearly everything the top line Enagic. I would love to hear if anyone else has used these types of machines. How did they help? What type of machine was used? Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

My paractitioner uses Kangan water system to do allthe different ph level and all it is around $3,000. I just saw a different kind at the neighborhood H mart in Carrollton and they hav a similar product for nearly $600.00. I want to know if that one is good enough myself. Please let us know Thank you, Miriam

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answers from Abilene on

Good morning A.,
The company I'm with just got a water machine like you are talking about.I haven't tryed it personal have one ordered.What I heard about it at the convention we just came from I can't wait to get ours. Go on the web and check out
I heard a lot of stores where people were on their death door. But don't have any personal .The name of ours is Living Water Essenntials. Good luck let me hear from you what you think please. Thank you for your time. Have a Blessed Day J. G

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answers from Amarillo on

We have a Tyent. It's a different brand than the Enagic. I can't say that it's helped anything specifically, but their wasn't anything really wrong with us to begin with :) We are using it more for general wellness. My husband bought a seperate pH tester and the highest level of alkaline water has a pH of over 9. I guess that's good. Do you live in the DFW area? We live outside Amarillo and we had to buy a water sofenter as well b/c all the calcium and lime in our "hard" water up here was damaging the machine filters. Anyway, hope that helps!

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answers from Dallas on

A., i'm not sure about the machines, but our holistic dr swears by this water. she's sent us home w/ in before on several occasions. i am seeing her today and i can find out what machine she uses. i'll get back w/ you!



answers from Dallas on

please let us know what you find out. We too have been pondering a water system.



answers from Dallas on

Yes, the one I know about is called " Water Filtration Bottle", one of Aerotek Scientific products that filters all unwanted particulate matter from unclean water we drink. Depending on the mesh size, bacteria organism that mix up with the water are also filtered. I was to market this filtration bottle in Nigeria in year 2000. I did market survey and found out that most people could not afford it. Only a handfull could. The demand was not there because the public were unaware and not educated enough for the supply. A consumer told me that she could buy it and drink water from that bottle, but what if she forgets one day to take it to work or function and drinks ordinary tap water provided, she could eventually get sick. Someone who only drinks tap water all along would still be okay because she has built immunity and has resistance level fighting against microbs from drinking water, ( this I know anyways).

My findings: To make this fitration bottles affordable to the masses and get it installed right from the start in our plumbing system just like most homes in the United States. To add this fixture to the cost of building and plumbing work done in any new and/ or old building. Builders and Environmental Protection Agencies should sit together and discuss ways to meet the need of the consumers to ionic fitration bottles and to educate the public on the importance of this scientific product.

Most homes boil their water before drinking. The educated ones saw the need for the fitration bottles but want it at a cheaper price. Also, it would be best if the containers come in plastic form than glass for easy shipment and cost effective too. I had a limited time to do this assignment and did not get to all concerned. There was need for advertisment on TV, radio and other forms of mass media, which cost money.

From: J. Ogoma Ihekwoaba.



answers from Dallas on

I too was hoping to get some advice on the subject. I had done some research on the KYK, Tyent, Jupiter on this website and I thought the product sounded great! I had put the purchase on hold because I was not convinced that the filtration part of the system was going to be sufficient prior to the ionization process. Although, I have a whole house system it does not use reverse osmosis to filter the water and I did not want to go through all the expense to have less than adequate water to drink when I was done. Hoping to get some answers.



answers from Los Angeles on

Don't go with a cheaper version of Kangen mashine!!!! It doesn't have the same properties, or warranty. You'll face the problem with buyng the Kangen one later any way. Check this out to understand the differences! Remember, we are not so reach to buy cheap things!
You and your family need ionized, alkaline, micro-clustering Kangen water. Check It brings back health, energy, young look. It's amazing!

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