Alimentum Formula

Updated on February 25, 2011
A.C. asks from Goshen, IN
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Resently tried alimentum formula and my 7wk old began gaging and gasping for air when he'd burp or spit up.
It scared me so bad one morning almost took him to emergancy room. I wondered if it was the formula. His tummy
seemed to feel better but the gaging episodes were frighten. After looking on line , seeing that other mom's asked the
same ?. I stopped giving it to him , I'll take the tummy cramps over gasping for breath. So far the gaging has stopped. I dont know if
it's the bad taste or what but , It's something . Does anyone have more info ? Worried Mom

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answers from New York on

My daughter drank alimentum because of tummy issues. She loved it. It's supposed to be very gentle for kids. It is different, doesn't have much bubbles, and of course it tastes different. Maybe your baby needs time to get used to it. Also, don't switch from one to another formula without having him on one for at least 10 days (until he gets used to, or not). Again, while alimentum was crazy expensive, it is the only formula my daughter had no issues with.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My DD's pediatrician gave us a prescription for Alimentum because she has alot of stomach issues and wasn't gaining weight with just breastmilk. The first couple bottles of alimentum made her spit up and gag so I quit giving it to her and just continued with the breast milk. Now Im stuck with a bunch of cans of the stuff.

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answers from Richmond on

dont give it to him, the gasping is a red flag that he is allergic to something in the formula.when our daughter was in the newborn unit, there was a little guy in the bed next to hers and he was always with an upset tummy, turns out he had several different allergies to the formulas they were trying him on.
K. h.



answers from Chicago on

Did he take too much in at one time? Are you using a slow or fast nipple on the bottle? Alimentum should not result in this type reaction. My guess is that he took too much in at once.



answers from Indianapolis on

He obviously doesn't tolerate formula well. I'd relactate and give him the beast nutrition for him and his belly - breastmilk!



answers from Cleveland on

my daughter was on allimentum and NEVER happened to her. make sure your using a slow flow nipple and mixing it correctly.


answers from Boca Raton on

Hum, no.. My son was on alimentum for 8 months and never had issues~ Does your child see a gastro doctor? If not, you should take him to one and see what they say..
PS if your baby has acid reflux or is colicy and "needs" to be on a special formula, you can have the gastro doctor write a letter and submit it to your insurance company... We got reimbursed for all my son's formula (which you know alimentum is expensive).. We just had to keep all the receipts.. You should call your insurance to see if they do that. We had Aetna at the time..

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