Alarm Won't Shut Off

Updated on January 13, 2009
G.N. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hi Mama's!

We some how managed to arm our un-monitored security system and we need to know how to turn it off. The company won't tell us or come and do it without a contract and we don't want to do that. We just like the chirp it makes for security, we know if one of the kids has opened the door, etc. Any ideas?? It's currently unplugged.

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answers from Abilene on

G., have you checked the alarm company's website? Maybe they have an online user manual for your particular keypad. Just a thought.

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answers from Dallas on

Usually in your closet there is back up batter along with the hardwire make sure you disable both. Also in your garage there should be a breaker for the alarm if all else fails turn it off.



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Look up the instruction manual and it should have the default security code there, normally something like 1234. Try deactivate it like using that code and also turn on the chirp using that code.


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You should have a code that will deactivate it. When we built our house the security guy showed us the system and had me enter a code. Maybe this is in your closing documents or in the manual.

We are not monitored but I do arm the system sometimes if hubby is out of town. I love the babysitter chime when the doors or windows open.

Someone should be able to help you with it. Our battery died and the company that installed our system came out and repaired/replaced the battery for $75. They knew that we were not monitored and would not sign up to be monitored. Security Concepts is who installed our system.



answers from Dallas on

Hello G.,

could it be that either the connection to the phone line is bad or batteries... By the way, I would not want service from that company. I'd rather spend the extra money and go with someone else.
Good luck! ~C.~

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