Alarm System Monitoring

Updated on August 25, 2008
P. asks from Allen, TX
6 answers

Does anyone have an alarm system monitoring company they recommend?

Thanks in advance!!

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So What Happened?

Well TF got me thinking - do I really need to have my system monitored? Granted, I don't have a dog. What do you all think? Is it really worth monitoring?

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We have been with S.-Thompson for over 10 years and we love them-they are locally owned, very reasonably priced and they have always responded very quickly for us.



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Hey Pam!! My husband works for Guardian...he can speak with you and give you a quote...You can reach him at ###-###-####, his name is Mike!

Good luck!!



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Hi Pam.
My sister and I have two different homes. I live in Frisco and use Gurkin Security Systems Inc. She has lived in Plano and Euless and have also used Gurkin Security Systems Inc. They are very responsive and affordable.



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We have always had good luck with Brink's. We pay $30 per month for monitoring.

**I personally like the peace of mind knowing that mine is monitored. I know the chances are slim of an actual break-in while I'm home, but just in case, I can worry about getting to my son, etc. and know that the police have been called. I also like the panic button too.**



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I second Tracy's recommendation...We have Guardian and we are very happy with their service. And they are very reasonable.


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We have a system but we do not have a company that monitors it. I hear alarms going off often and see police coming to our neighborhood only to be met with false alarms. Even we neighbors ignore the alarms now.

My close neighbors know that we are not monitored and IF they hear my system go warrants a call to 911. I only use my system when hubby is out of town.

We also have 3 dogs that are good watchdogs as well and make a LOT of noise when something is "off balance" around here.

Just my opinion....

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