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Updated on August 23, 2013
J.C. asks from Blacksburg, VA
6 answers

Can anyone recommend an alarm clock for a kindergartner? I looked at kids' clocks on Amazon and it looked like most of them had bad reviews. A grown-up clock seems boring for someone so young. I would prefer analog because she is learning to tell time. She generally wakes up earlier than she needs to anyway, but she asked if she could have an alarm clock. Thanks!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I was looking for something a while back and then gave up. Now I'm her alarm clock. I just set mine and then drag my butt into her room and wake her up. Excited to see if anyone finds anything cool for a young kid. Sort of a learning alarm clock.

/EDIT - You know, just because she's young, you don't need to get her a crazy cartoon clock or anything. If you get a great clock radio with cool features and teach her to use it, she'll love it! I thought about what my six year old likes and tried to find features that matched that and I think I found something perfect. I'll be getting it for her for Christmas and hope it's a hit. My daughter loves to listen to her own collection of mp3's. Whenever she hears a song on the radio that she loves, we try and find it for her and add it to her collection of music. She has a cheap-o mp3 player that we picked up for $3 on that houses her entire playlist.

I thought she'd love a radio that would wake her up with her favorite songs and I found one that has memory card and usb ports and you can set it to play from those when the alarm goes off! Just toss her songs right on a fob or a card, plug it in and there ya go!

It also has a built in rechargeable battery that gives life to the music player for up to five hours if not plugged in, so it's also portable! You still need to keep two AA batteries installed to keep the clock running proper though. Wonder why they didn't just attach the clock to the rechargeable battery... but still!

It also has am/fm radio.

All that awesome and it's only $20 bucks! (on sale right now)

Sure, it doesn't look like a kids alarm clock, but I'm going to buy a pack of glittery sticker gems and we'll bedazzle it together. Like these!

Target sells a smaller pack for only a couple of bucks. I don't think we'll need 500 gems. Other fun stickers would also work.

This thing looks so cool, I think I actually want one too! Though, I don't really need it because I use my phone to wake me up and I have it set to play one of my mp3's already. I haven't been able to find a clock radio that allows you to set multiple alarms like a smart phone so I'm still leaning on that little device for my alarm. The downside of the phone is sometimes it crashes in the middle of the night and doesn't reboot itself so the alarm doesn't go off at all. I need something more reliable.

Sorry for bird-walking! You're question had me questing for alarm clocks again and I think I found a winner this time.



answers from Wausau on

Does she like Legos?

I got my son a Lego Minifig alarm clock. It's really cute, sturdy and the sound isn't annoying. The face lights up momentarily when you push the head down.


answers from Washington DC on

I got mine a digital clock radio and set it to the classical station. They could turn it on when they wanted. :)
They still have them.
I have analog clocks everywhere else.


answers from Columbus on

You want something not boring for your kindergartner? Look up "Clocky" on Amazon. It's an alarm clock on these big wheels. The alarm goes off and rolls off the table and runs away until you get out of bed and find it and hit the button.
It's made for people who can't seem to get out of bed in the morning, but I would think that kids would love it.

Hrmm. I hope that link actually posted. Oh, well. Check it out!


answers from Austin on

We actually had a radio alarm clock that was digital and an analog wall clock in her room.

This clock was in her room from about 4 years of age to about 4th grade. It never stopped working, she just out grew the alarm clock that was so child proofed.

I picked it because it had a sleep mode, it had multiple alarm settings and it had a nice light at night.

It was powered by both batteries and electricity, so that if the power went out the batteries kicked in, so it was always at least one light in her room in the dark.

I do not recall the brand. But it was a thick plastic.



answers from Las Vegas on

You could do a ipod clock where you can dock an ipod with some of her favorite music.

Otherwise, I got sick of upgrading my clocks to match the new power source to my phones. I bought the old round, two bell, alarm. My daughter thinkds it is great.

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