Airline Security Q and Tips for Traveling with 12 Mo. Old Non-walker

Updated on January 15, 2009
B.D. asks from Glastonbury, CT
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DH and I will be traveling next week with our 7 and 6 year old girls and 1 year old son. The girls are good travelers and I'm all set with them. It's my son that I'm a little more concerned about. He'll be in my lap (no changing that at this point unless we're very lucky). It's an early am flight and I'm praying he'll nap at some point but not counting on it.

First - what are the new airline rules about bringing food/snacks past security? My son has his favorites and is on regular milk but I'm not up for spending $5 on a box of Cheerios in the terminal. What do they allow these days and what will they make you toss? Anyone know how they deal with perscription stuff? He's got ointment for his skin but it comes in a huge 1 pound container (pharmacy said it's the only size).

I saw a lot of great ideas on the Dec thread about traveling with a little one and staying sane - any new ones would be most helpful for a 3 1/2 hour plane ride with my 12 mo old non-walker. I'm not sure that he'll go for wrapped presents the way my once 18 mo. old daughter did - he is really young for that.

Lastly, the plane ride is a step towards the bigger part of the trip - a cruise with my parents. The girls will have loads of activities but what would you recommend I bring for my son? Aside from the stroller of course!

Thanks for your input!

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answers from Boston on

You can bring liquids through in the diaper bag greater than 4 oz. In Boston they just request that you put them in the bin sepeartely and declare that they are for the child. I typically bring two boxes of milk in addition to a few juice boxes. The only thing I was not allowed to bring through was water as I was told that was not something they considered specific to the child's needs. My daughter is 2 and we've flown more than a half dozen times in the past 2 years -usually from Boston to Nassau (about 3 hours direct) but we've also got to California. I've found that the portable DVD player was extremely helpful with a baby einstein video or two. I also bring books, puzzles, and finger puppets. It's not easy finding toys that a) interest a toddler and b) don't make noise! Lastly, snacks that take a long time to eat like Cherrios and raisins where you can give them one piece at a time worked well. Don't forget to throw in and extra change of clothes in the daiper bag. Murphy's Law- if you don't have it, your son will squirt his juice box all over himself!



answers from Boston on

Hi B.,

12 months is a tough age to travel. "All the urge to move, but no brain" as my hubby used to say. But 3 hours isn't too bad.
I would bring lots of food.... they do allow anything "dry" so you can take a whole box of cheerios without any problems.
For the rules about liquids, check this website:
It sounds like you could bring the tub of ointment in your carry on, but I would put it in the suitcase and only take a small amount into the carry on. You'll have enough to haul around as is.
Are you planning to take a DVD player? He might enjoy a Baby Einstein DVD for a while. Other than that, you'll know best what he likes to play with.... the keys, your watch, your wallet, a spoon, a magazine. Just show him what is around you. I agree there isn't much need to wrap and bring presents!

Have fun. H.



answers from Boston on

Just going to add to the other responses. I just got back from the Dominican. 16 month old on lap. As long as you are calm everything it will be fine. I kept repeating that to myself and I actually think it helped.
I brought a ton of snacks and they didn't have a problem with that. Went to 3 airports (layovers).
As for liquids, they actually have this test strip they put over the liquid and then let me go on my way. Once I got through security I bought whole milk (dunkin donuts sells it) and at one point I went to Starbucks and filled up a cup with the canister they had for coffee. Not that I am proud of that but I couldn't find whole milk anywhere at the time. When I got on the plane they let me store the milk in their fridge/ice compartment.
I would call the cruise company and see what they have. A lot of them have play rooms where you can bring your child to crawl around and play with toys. Paper and crayons are light and easy to carry and seem to work well. Also stickers. You don't want to carry so much with you. Children can have as much fun with a spoon as they can with an expensive toy if you know what I mean. So keep it light and like I said, just call the cruise line and see what they have.
Take care and have a great time!!!



answers from Norfolk on

As far as his prescription ointment....ask the pharmacy for an extra label whenever you get that filled. Then you can put it in your own container (or ask the pharmacy for a large empty pill bottle with the child-resistant cap and transfer some ointment to that - works great for the every day diaper bag, too!). Also, I have found that prescriptions do not have to fit in the quart-size bag (I travel with about 10 prescription bottles) but they do prefer that you set them out, in the tub that slides through the x-ray thing, seperately from your carry on bag and they must have a prescription label on them since they are not in the quart-size bag.

Be sure to be ready to nurse him for take-off and landings or, have a bottle, sip cup, or pacifier ready. I used to make sure to give my son some dry and/or salty snacks once we were in our seats and then not nurse him or give him access to his water bottle 'till we were taking off. Same timing for the end of the flight. Never had issues with ear pain! :) We would take the sip cup or bottle through security empty (or with formula or dry drink powder in it) and fill it in the bathroom or at a water fountain after we went through security.

As for the specific things allowed - you need to get on line and check with the airline on which you are travelling and with for what they allow now. Click on Travelling With Children. Blessings, KA

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