Air Travel with 2 Year Old - Livonia,MI

Updated on March 23, 2007
M.B. asks from Livonia, MI
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We are planning on taking our 2 year old son to Florida and will be traveling by plane. I'm worried about his ears. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or give him before we fly??

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So What Happened?

He did great! I gave him tylenol before we got on the flight and made sure he was drinking as we took off! He was up the entire flight! On the way back he slept! He did so well we are going back in October!

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:o)) I was going to say the same thing as the other post regarding decongestant. It will help prevent any continued blockage or ear infections from not unblocking after you land. Also take LOTS of gum because the Florida airports do NOT sell it at all. You'll have some on the way home for yourselves even if you don't give it to your two year old.

Have a great vacation



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We flew from Detroit Metro to Seattle last summer, when my daughter was 13 months old and let me tell you, Benadryl did not work for us. She slept for 10 minutes and then was HYPER the rest of the flight. Apparently some kids have the opposite reaction to Benadryl and it makes them more hyper. So instead of being a sweet, laid-back little girl, my daughter was hyper and into everything. It was not fun. A friend said that if Benadryl doesn't work to make your child sleepy, Children's Dimetapp will. I haven't tried it, but keep that in mind! Drinking water may help with the ears thing, give him a sippy cup when the time is right. GOOD LUCK!!!



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With our son we just had him drink during take off and landing. They say that helps pop their ears. It must have worked for our son because he didn't cry at take off or landing.



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We took our daughter to Arizona when she was 2 1/2, we had no problems with her ears. I just made shure that I had lots of snacks, like gerber fruit snacks and crackers, along with a good sippy cup. This gave her something to keep her mouth working during take-off and landings. Bring several things to keep them occupied also, ie coloring books & crayons, stories to read and look at, Good luck in the potty if he's trained, that was an experience! lol She never did go, I accidentally hit the flush pedal when I was getting her on it the first time, I think she thought it would suck her butt off, she looked soooooo serious and shocked. It didn't stop her from having to try a couple of times during each flight though. Good luck

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