Air Travel and Car Rental with 7 Month Old - What Do I Need?!

Updated on September 30, 2008
J.P. asks from Georgetown, TX
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I'm a first time Mom and starting to worry about what it will take for us to go on our first family vacation. We will be flying to CO the beginning of August and staying for 4 days/3 nights. I'm currently breastfeeding exclusively and also introducing some solids. My baby girl is about approx. 18 llbs and 25 inches atm. I'm sure she will be much bigger by then. Can I get some insights and advice as to what I should prepare for and how to pack? Thanks!

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answers from Austin on

Definitely your own car seat (I'm sure you were planning that anyways) and something to keep her busy (some solid food is great). I also tried to breast or bottle feed mine right after take off to help with any possible ear clogging.Hope this helps. Have a great trip.



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I'll echo what Stephanie said
But I would gate check the stroller and carseat and keep her in my lap. Nurse during take-off and landing *unless* she's asleep. If she's asleep her ears will naturally adjust.
Snacks - dry stuff, nothing that requires a spoon
Water! - even if you can't take it onto the plane with you, you can ask the flight attendant (as you enter the plane) for some water for your baby. They are typically more than happy to do what they can for you. I just empty the water bottle into a sippy cup, etc.
Colorful books, etc....I avoid noise makers in an effort to keep those around me happier. I think an egg-shaped shaker is the loudest thing I ever took.
Sling - take your baby carrier! Honestly what I've done is sling my baby and use the stroller to cart the bags :-)

HTH and Happy Flying!
K., mama to
Catherine, 4.5y (flown 9 round trips from OR to AR, TX & OK)
Samuel, 17m (flown 3 round trips)



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The sit and stroller is a great idea. If you want to use your own car seat, you can get a stroller attachment like Kids Mate at It fits most car seats.

Also the jar pac baby jar food case is a good way to keep the glass jars from rattling around.

I've found that going through airports with baby food can be a hassle now a days. So don't pack too much or they will ask you to throw it away. And make sure the jars are more than 3.4 oz. They also get very suspicious about bottled breast milk. So if you aren't going to nurse on the flight, be prepared to taste the milk for the security people. They can be quite insensitive to traveling moms, I find.



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If you travel alot I suggest investing in a Sit-N-Stroll. It's a carseat and stroller in one. The weels collapse into the bottom of the car seat and the handle retracts in the back of the seat. It's a carseat that is approved for the airlines and use in USA, Canada and Europe. I got mine at Target but you could Google it. This stroller fits down the aisle of the plane and you can use it in their seat or put it in the overhead if you are having you little one in your lap.

Make sure that your daughter is feeeding as you climb after take off and when you are decending to land. Their ears are small and the altitude change that pops your ears at about 10,000 feet hurts them. So make sure she is sucking a bottle or being breastfed.

Waht to take on the plane...Take changes of clothes. I always stocked up on diapers and awipes. Also, on whatever food/snack she was on at the time. You never know when you might get stuck at the airport, have a delay in flight etc. I also brought picture books and her toys. Bring a surprise toy that she has not seen before that you think she'll be facinated with. Mine liked anything that made noise! LOL!

Ask for the Bulkhead seats so that you have plenty of room and on some lights there is a bassinet you can get when it comes time for her nap. Ask about it when you are making reservations.

Good luck and have fun.

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