Air Duct Cleaning--SO CLEAN?

Updated on January 20, 2010
M.C. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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Hi Moms,

Before I go out and make that expensive call to have my air ducts cleaned, I want your opinions on whether it is worth having this done. My heating and cooling guy, says that if I want it done right, it's gonna cost close to $1k. My son and I are both nasally every morning when we get up, sneeze a few times, then we are better throughout the day. I'm a clean freak and have noticed that my house is very dusty often, but my neighbors don't have that problem. I've narrowed the dust down to the problem being my air ducts. Now, here's the kicker--I constantly get phone calls from this company called, "SO CLEAN." They leave message at least once every two weeks claiming that they are running a phenomenal special on air duct cleaning for $80. I'm seriously considering them, but I wanted to know your experiences and opinions with this company or other companies or any advice on air duct cleaning.

As always, thank you for your responses.


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So What Happened?

Thank you all for responding. Amanda C, you are so right. I contacted a very reputable company about air duct cleaning and they educated me on this. A good air duct cleaning is only needed 7-10 years, provided it's done by a reputable licensed company. Also, I learned, which has steered me away from having this done now, is that a chemical is used to sanitize the vents. Personally, I don't want more chemicals floating around in my house. I'm sure that the chemicals may be safe, but for $500 bucks, I'll spend my money on some air purifiers instead that don't spread chemicals in the air. Again, you gals are awesome:) Thanks to all who responded.

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we have a very dusty house. I use a neti pot every morning, and my allergies disappeared. Neti pots coast around $11-15 dollars.



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Make sure you really need it done. The government (just look it up on the internet) and my dad (who is an environmental engineer) say it is completely unneccessary unless your ducts have visible mold or droppings from vermin. Think of this, if you don't see dust flying out of your heating vents, then it's not the source of your dust. Houses are just dusty.

I will tell you something that DOES help and that my dad recommended -- large ROOM purifiers. We got the big round HONEYWELL purifier at Home Depot and put them in our two childrens' rooms. We only run them at night, but they work so well that I have to dust MY room 2X a week, but I only have to dust the kids' rooms about once a month!

Just don't get the kind that inoize (they make a zapping noise). My dad (the environmental engineer) said those actually put something bad into the air! (I forget how he explained it.)

Just thought I would save you a dime.




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I had my ducts cleaned by a reputable company. It cost me about $600.00 for a 2500 sq foot house. I noticed that we had a "new house" smell prior to the cleaning, and it finally went away after the cleaning. I think there was a lot of drywall dust causing that smell, and the cleaning helped. I don't feel that my daily dust is any less, so I can't guarantee you will benefit in that way. The companies do claim less dust, but I really feel we have the same level. I do have a little more piece of mind, but I don't know if duct cleaning is that life changing. I do feel that if you have it done, you should use a good company. I used Safety King. They were very professional.
Good Luck!



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I had it done about 3 years ago and I didn't see a difference in the dust issue. I called a company that had a special also, but there are so many add on costs that it costs huge money. It may work for you, but that is my experience.

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