Ahh I Need Christmas/birthday Ideas

Updated on October 25, 2009
S.G. asks from Fayetteville, NC
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Hi Moms,

Christmas is coming up really fast; this year has flew by! My mom has brought up about Christmas ideas for my son, what to get him for christmas. Now my son's birthday is January 6, so we'll have christmas presents and birthday presents. i need ideas of what to get him, or ideas on what the family should get him. I know clothes, is one thing but hes going to out grow that so fast! please help. It'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you & God Bless

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answers from Pittsburgh on

At this age, I'd stick to basics...blocks, trains, simple puzzles, etc.
Have you ever thought of opening a 529 Plan for his college education? It might be nice to start O. now while he's really little. Then people could get him a few small things to unwrap and cash for the college fund.
Have fun, it's going to be an awesome Christmas for you!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I can empathize with the holiday overlap of birthdays. Mine is right before the holiday madness. Anyway, a couple ideas. One is to have a small family party on "the special day" and save the party with classmates and friends until spring. Since he is so young, you can begin this habit from the start and it will become the norm. As far as gifts, at this age you, as mom, might appreciate gift cards to spend on spring and summer purchases for him. As he gets older, gifts can include (for the Jan. celebration with family) gift cards or coupons/certificates for trips you can make in the spring/summer ie. water parks, arcades, zoo, roller rinks, even movies. As he gets older, have your son spend some of the gift cards in January and save some for summer so there are more "gifts" to look forward to in summer when holiday and birthday celebrations are 6 months away especially if you can't always afford a "friends" party every summer.



answers from Scranton on

If this is your son's first birthday, I wouldn't go too overboard. My boys became bored opening gifts after the 4th or 5th box and enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the acutal gifts at that age. Toys that will help him learn to stand and walk, that make noise or light up when they hit them, and toys that help them develope motor skills (like putting a shape into a hole) are good choices. That said, I would put most of your money in a college savings account for him instead of spending it all on toys.

Congrats on the new addition!



answers from Johnstown on

I will tell you from personal experience in having 3 daughters all born in Jan (twins Jan 5 and older on Jan 18) that you want to pick one event to give "the big gifts" at. If you start giving expensive gifts for both now, you'll have to continue in that manner. Don't ever turn down clothes that someone else is willing to get you! And for toys, there's the Step 2 products, Baby Einstein is a God-send, Lil Tykes, etc. Try to get something that he can use for awhile when it comes to toys. The manufacturers do list the age the toys are intended for. Blocks are something he'll play with for years to come. Best of luck!



answers from Erie on

Hasn't anyone said, Books?!?!?

I love the Library but at that age they need their own to chew on. They learn so much about books, even if they go in their mouths, Read REad REad to your kiddos.

It's early but what about asking for a potty seat, or a baby gate for when he starts walking.?



answers from Philadelphia on

Fisher Price Welcome Home Door (may have changed it to a farm theme now).



answers from York on

We ask for "experiences". With 3 kids - 2 have bday's in December - I have more toys that I can handle. And we have an insane hand me down circle going, so clothes that are new are appreciated, but we ask for stuff that the kids reallllly want, like my daughter had her eye on this rocker outfit. Or a cool hat and glove set for my son. Or name brand tennis shoes for my other daughter.

We usually ask for a family membership somewhere - like the Science Center, Zoo, etc. One year, we got a membership to the YMCA. That was awesome! Or Gymboree or something that you can do "together". My family and in-laws usually get an accesory to a toy they already own for each of the kids, or a magazine subscription, and then wrap a box that has the brochure to the "experience" of that year.

I have to say that my kids really do love getting these things. We have never gone crazy and gotten a bunch of toys. I am all about second hand - my son is into games this year and we found 6 at the Salvation Army that were in NEW condition. My middle daughter is all about art projects and jewlry making, so we bought her a cool organizer and will scour for clearence beads and stuff. My oldest is going to be 11, so we are looking into getting some kind of music player.

Good luck, this is a real tough one with small kids!



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi S.,

My son's birthday is December 29, so I totally understand. The 529 contribution idea is good, as well as savings bonds. The one thing that I found worked for my son as well as my gift-giving family is to ask for gift cards, expecially as my son got to be 2 years old and older. Get something small for him to open, and have the gift cards for the spring, summer and fall for when he needs/wants other things. My son thought it was the coolest thing to be able to get a present in June.

At your son's age, does he really need a lot? Most don't, except for clothes : ) It's also better for him not to get too many things as he then develops an expectation that he should get a ton of gifts. I believe that if you get gifts that the child will like, you don't need to get a lot of them.

One other caution that my niece (December 27) gave me... Do not give him part of his gift for Christmas and the other part for his birthday -- especially if the gift parts were meant to be together. I'm talking about things like pants for Christmas and the shirt for his birthday.





answers from Pittsburgh on

I suggest savings bonds. It won't matter to him because he is little.

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