Age Defying Facial Creams

Updated on May 11, 2015
T.R. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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I'm 46 and have combination skin, some fine lines and a little uneven skin tone. I'd like to get some sort of skin renewing facial skin care, but there seems to be a million products out there. Do you use one that actually gives results? And that you like?

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I have heard age 45 is when many women notice the 'real' aging.

I'm not there quite yet, but I do like to watch youtube video of women with my coloring to see what they are using.

Amy J has wonderful points. Also if not mentioned, vitamin supplements.

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answers from Williamsport on

Most important is your health for glowing skin. I'm 45 and I've never seen any difference from products. I have lots of beauty guru friends. I've used the best, I've used the cheapest, I've used natural. Meh. No difference. Right now I'm using a hand made night cream once in a blue moon that I like fine, and several day creams with spf and no difference in my skin from when I use other things...I find most nifty new products feel good at first, but then you get used to them or something. Soap and washing your face too much can dry out your skin.

However I have seen HUGE IMPROVEMENT (vs huge skin deterioraton when I'm slacking) time and time again from the things that really do work:

#1 SLEEP. My skin sucks when I'm low on sleep.

#2 CIRCULATION. My skin glows and loses ten years when I'm getting my heart rate up daily and sweating. Head stands or other inversions rush blood to your head too and make your facial skin glow.

#3 Drink enough water.

#4 Stay out of the sun. Sun block when you must go out, but I prefer staying indoors under a sun hat in a turtleneck. Always stay in the shade. Always put sunblock in places the sun hits. Which is annoying so stay out of sun.

#5 Raw fruits and vegetables are the skin's instant rejuvnenator. When I do 80% fresh raw food daily, My skin is like a plump, glowing, porcelain doll. When I do carbs and little else: Dull, saggy city. This should actually be #1.

#6 Healthy fats are your skin and your brain's main support. Avocados. Olive Oils. Flax Seeds. Organic raw nuts. Coconut oil. Real butter. Dark chocolate. Actually, this should probably be #1.

During phases where I'm eating right, sleeping right, exercising, and not tanning (I never tan-eek) I pass for much younger than I am and I glow.

When I slack in any of these areas...I look and feel much worse. Wrinkles start looking permanent, dullness, breakouts...

The moisturizers really have no effect. But I LOVE new products for fun so I'm excited to see other recommendations.

I heard that anything marketed as anti-aging is bad for your skin over time. I'm not sure that's true since wealthy people usually use those products and look good older, but that may be from fancier overall lifestyles with less stress...

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answers from Boston on

I do use a great product, but I also know that science shows that the best skin care nourishes from the inside out. So your nutrition is far more important that what you put on the surface. I'm usually taken to be 10-12 years younger than I am, and I have virtually no wrinkles. I think the best ones incorporate true science and not just sales into the ingredients. But nourishing and moisturizing from inside, to the body's largest organ (skin), is key.

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answers from Las Vegas on

it's not so much a renewing cream in as much as it helps to keep your skin looking and feeling moist. Dr Haschka Rose Cream.. (not light) .... LOVE this product have been using it for years. it's one of the few creams that doesn't make my skin breakout.. it's pricey.. but I do love it..
I am 51 and my skin has really gotten dry over the years, the rose cream does the trick for me and I do get lots of compliments on my skin.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Wear sunscreen every day!

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answers from Portland on

How our skin ages is partly genetic as well as how we've maintained our overall health as described by Diane B. I suggest that many women have more youthful skin without having used any special products. There is no way to know if age defying cream made a difference.

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answers from Norfolk on

Staying out of the sun (no more than 15 min per day is all you need for vitamin D production) is probably the best thing.
Keep up with gentle exfoliating.
Many women will start using a cold cream or vanishing cream, and you can find recipes to make your own.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Age happens. There is no way to defy it. Much of wrinkling and other age-related skin issues is genetic.

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answers from Columbia on

I've tried a few different moisturizers on my sensitive, combination skin. Aveeno, Neutrogena, Olay. They were okay, but not great. After doing some reading, I switched to CeraVe. I use the 30spf day cream and love it.

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answers from Sacramento on

I am 45 with fair, sensitive skin and love Roc's 5-in-One Multicorrection Lotion. It has a good 30 SPF sunscreen in it, which is critical no matter which brand you try. Without sun protection, your skin will just get worse. This moisturizer has evened out my skin tone, helped to bring it back to life (it was getting very dull) and hasn't caused irritation the way other brands have for me. Best of all ... it is available at the drugstore, so it doesn't cost a fortune.

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answers from Dallas on

Edit... Trish McEvoy. I realized while cleaning my face I misspelled her name.

I use Kaplan MD essential oils daily after I wash my face. I love this product.

I also use an eye serum by Trish McVoy and I use her retinal eye cream at each time I wash my face.

In the morning I use Kaplan MD face cream and at night, I use Trish McVoy vitamin C.

The products are pricey but they last a long time. I have good skin because I started routine facial care at a young age. I taught the same routine to my daughter she 20.

Clinique has good products. I used to use the Repairwear series and loved them as well.

I do not look my age, I get compliments on my skin and I am often suspected of being my daughters sister.

Best wishes!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Most of those skin care products are BS but a good moisturizer and sunscreen is something I've been wearing every day since my early 20's and my skin looks way better now at 46 than my mom's did at 36.
I used Neutrogena for years but I recently switched to Salma Hayek's line at CVS and I love it even more, I feel like my skin drinks it up and I've noticed a more even tone and color.
I also drink lots of water!
Using an exfoliant a few times a week helps too.

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answers from Boston on

Skin Medica. Go to a spa w medical grade products.

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