Age Appropriate Toys for 16 Month Old

Updated on December 06, 2007
J.E. asks from Richardson, TX
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Okay ladies, my son will be 16 months over the holidays. I am needing some ideas for Christmas gifts. I feel that he has a lot of toys, but that he is going to be growing out of them shortly. I would like some suggestions for some fun, educational toys as well as some suggestions for outside toys if possible. This whole holiday shopping can be pretty overwhelming since I am not sure where to start.

Thanks so much.

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This might be a great time to start him with a basic Thomas track and a few trains. It's something great to add to at his birthday, etc. My son loved Thomas from about that age until he was over 4, and the stuff lasts forever. I love that it's powered by imagination - I never bought the electric ones, just the classic wooden ones.

There are also several great wooden toys made by Melissa and Doug (at Toys r Us) like shape sorters, wooden puzzles, etc. Mega Blocks are great too.



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My daughter does love her Thomas the Train, but he might be a little young for that unless you glue down the tracks. There are so many choices, but books are always nice to have. Tonka trucks are great toys that will last. Outside toys my daughter loves her Step2 clubhouse climber they are sort of expensive, but worth the money. She also loves her Step2 sand and water table. During the cold months we don't put water in it and just fill both sides with sand. You could look for him a bike/tricycle and also a wagon so he can move toys around the backyard they seem to enjoy that for some reason. Not sure if you a DVD player for you vechile, but if not that is a good idea especially if you travel during the holidays. Good luck I hope you get some great ideas for you sons Christmans.



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I have my own business with Discovery Toys and they are an educational toy company. They have the BEST toys and a large variety. They are all life time guranteed. I have a two year old which is why I started doing it in the first place because he just loves everything we have from Discovery. You can view the catalog and shop online. The site is Message me if you have any questions about anything.



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BOOKS!!! And select videos or DVD's. Our son has several toys that he got his 1st Christmas that he still plays with. (He'll be 3 in April.) He has a LeapFrog Table that is rated 9 months to 3 years that he plays with just about every single day, a LeapFrog Drum that plays numbers and letters as he "taps" the drum, a little "driver" that also does alphabet and numbers, and some great toys from IKEA (store in Frisco on 121 and the Tollway, or online). We love the LeapFrog products, and don't have to worry about the "lead paint" issue, because ALL of their products are made in the USA (NOT in China!). I had to call the company about another question and asked about the paint, as well.

The main thing I look for when I am looking for toys for my son is how long is the age range for the toy. If it is just rated for 18 months-2 years, I skip it in favor of toys that are rated 18 months +, or (now) 2+ or 2-5 years or so.

There is a great little tricycle that has a handle that attaches to the back of it so you (or Daddy) can "push" your son while he is riding his tricycle. We have ours down at Grandpa's because we don't have room for outside toys, and not allowed to keep them on the back porch of our apt (AFTER we were told we could!)

The new Toys R US Big Toy Book has just come out, and they have LOTS of different toys for the different age ranges. If you didn't get one in the newspaper or the mail, you can probably pick one up at Toys R Us.

Hope this helps! Congrats on the new baby, too!



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Hi J.
My 16 month old LOVES her Baby Einstein First Signs video. She has learned to do all of the signs and say all of the words on the video. She LOVES her VTech SmartVille Alphabet Train Station and her VTech SmartVille 1-2-3 Treehouse. They help her learn about animals, the alphabet and both play LOTS of music. She has had them since last Christmas and still plays with them everyday.
I look forward to seeing all of the responses to your question. Happy Holidays!



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Hi J.,

I'm a SAHM with a home-based business selling personalized children's products including numerous music CD's, interactive story book CD's, singing alarm clocks, plush animals and labels.

For more information, go to


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