After Shave Balm?

Updated on October 24, 2012
L.B. asks from Aubrey, TX
6 answers

I want to get my hubby some after shave balm for Christmas. He reveived some from Arbonne and he likes it. I'm wondering if you have any favorite brands/scents.

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answers from New York on

I find it so hard to find after shave/balm unless I go to a dept store. You can only get Gillette or Nivea etc at Walmart/Target. I've never tried Arbonne.
My husband likes the Nivea and how it feels but isn't crazy about the scent.
He likes the Calvin Klein Obsession and Eternity. Burberry London and there is another one - I don't remember if there is a name of the scent but it is by Usher.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My husband likes the Nivea kind.



answers from Roanoke on

My husband and I are both huge fans of Nancy Boy products. My husband gets shave balms/lotions, and I get skincare products. And yes, I also use the shave balm on my legs from time to time because it's amazing stuff ;) Best scents I've ever smelled. We are lifetime fans, highly recommend!



answers from Dallas on

My husband loves the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line, but not sure if they do an after shave balm as the conditioners are built into the gel or shave bar. . .



answers from Dallas on

Every year the "experts" at GQ, Details, Maxim, etc, put out a list of their favorites. Give that a look and see (or smell) what interests you.


answers from New York on

My husband likes the Mary Kay for men Shave Cream. He says its the first brand he's ever tried that doesn't leave his skin raw. Then again he used Barbasol before I met him.

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