Afraid to Eat After Stomach Bug

Updated on October 25, 2008
H.B. asks from Little Elm, TX
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My 4 year old son got the stomach bug at school last week. He recovered quickly and was eating well at home, but is now afraid to eat his lunch at school. Yesterday I had to pick him up from school again as he got sick while eating his lunch. I think part of it is psychological, but this morning he really looks quite ill. He did get sick again yesterday evening, and this morning he looks very ash. He is so weak, and all he wants to do is lay in bed. He doesn't want anything to eat and drink. I know there is a wierd bug going around that the kids seem to be getting twice in one week, and it wipes them out. Anyone else have this experience? How am I going to convince him that he needs food? He's a small kid for his age, and I am concerned about his weight.

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answers from Dallas on

Honestly, I dont think you can convince him to eat! He sounds like he is still sick, and while it is possible that it is in his head, I would doubt it. Kids that age dont tend to think like that..they eat when they are hungry, and dont eat when they are not. I would offer him small, simple things, but trying to make him eat will only back fire. Will he eat crackers, or soup? They have thermoses you can use for soup, but really, if he is that sickly looking, I would not send him to school any more. Let him rest, and maybe that will help! Good luck ~A.~

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answers from McAllen on

Hi H., try to just keep him hydrated, pedialyte, gatorade, sprite. The virus is going around. See if he'll eat some peanut butter, maybe some toast, soup, baked potatoes. Hope he gets better soon!



answers from Dallas on

My daughter gets the same way after she has been sick. They will eat when they are ready just push the fluids like Sprite or Pedialyte. We just had that bug in our home and thankfully my kids rebounded after just a day..I am still on the mend though. It hit all three of us at the same fun!!

I would call the peditrician and see when you should be concerned though especially if he is not urinating frequently...sign of dehydration But as long as he can take in fluids and keeps them down, let him rest and keep him home.

Praying for you!

J. S.


answers from Dallas on

Sounds like he is still sick. I substitute teach, there is a virus going around that is really weird. It is like you have the 24 hr virus (violently), it goes away, then you get it returns. It is not a virus that comes and goes, it is 1 virus that tends to take about 10 days to pass.

You probably can't convince him to eat until he is ready. Just make sure he is not dehydrated. I would visit the pedi today if possible so that hi might have relief by Monday.

Best wishes to him....I know it is awful right now.


answers from Dallas on

I'd take him back to the doctor. He doesn't sound well to me. when he is well enough he will eat. He may need so stay on the Brat diet awhile, but let the doctor tell you that.



answers from Dallas on

I'm sure your little guy just has a nasty bug, but I wantef to tell you what happened to me last week just i case. I had the same symptoms Wed... vomiting/diarrhea that lasted 1 day. I felt better thurs./ fri./ sat. Sunday morning I woke up and it started all over times as bad. I ended up goig to the doc to find out I was dehydrated and had to get I.V. fluids. They discovered I had a BACTERIAL infection(most likely food bourne like salmonilla or e.coli) and needed antibiotics. I just wanted to let you know because I thought I just had a bad bug as well. Probably not the case with your son, but I would have him checked out again just to be on the safe side.

God Bless you,



answers from Abilene on

I know excatly how he feels. The week on the 15th my daughter was hospitalized for throwing up of and on fr 9 days. Her peditrician put her in childrens. She was ther for 2 days. She had that bad stomach virus and had thrown up so much she lost 5 lbs. She also was so dehrytaed they have to give her fluids and zantac for her tummy. BE careful. I don't know if there is still a bug goign aorund but, you know how that can be haivng a small child. She is so skinny. I think shes the littles 6 yr old I knnow... lol She only weighs 35 lbs.
Have you called the pedi doc. You may need to get him some fluids. Onl;y thing you can do is make an appt and try to get him seen. gl I hpe your little guy feels better.

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