Affordable School Uniforms

Updated on August 13, 2008
S.R. asks from West Sacramento, CA
4 answers

Please! My 5 year old is starting Kindergarden August 20th, and I just found out she needs uniforms.

Does anyone know where I can find affordable school uniforms?

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answers from Sacramento on

Try Susie's deals. Everything is 5.99 :) I always see uniforms there :) There is one in Roseville (Roseville square on Harding)and one in North Highlands (Watt ave/Antelope Rd.).

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answers from Sacramento on

If it is the navy and/or khaki you can find them just about anywhere! Target, Mervyn's, and Walmart usually have pretty good prices!



answers from Sacramento on

It depends. Some schools say they have to be a certain brand. A school near me requires "Lands End" (Sears of Jcpenny). If they just have to be a certain color, you can go to just about any department store. Kohls always has great selection and sales. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

We ordered our uniforms online at JCpenneys. They are having a super sale right now too! We ordered through Kohls too, but they cancelled our order at the last minute, so i'd recommend JCPenneys!
Good luck!
T. S.

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