Affordable Maternity Clothing

Updated on February 18, 2007
S.R. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
4 answers

Does anyone have any good ideas on places to get affordable maternity clothes? This pregnancy has been a surprise that I am not financially quite ready for. So any help would be great considering my regular clothes have stopped fitting.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

You can try Once Upon A Child. It's in Glenbrook Commons beside Toys R Us. They sell gently used maternity clothes. Also Motherhood Materinity in the Glenbrook Mall has some reasonably priced things, especially if you hit them at sale time. Plus their clothes are really durable. I only bought 2 pairs of pants and they lasted me my entire pregnancy. Kohl's is another good place. They always have sales. Try to hit some of the early morning sales, those are always the best prices. I was like you and wasn't at all financially able to afford all the stuff I really wanted :) Don't forget about Wal-Mart and Meijer. I got some really great shirts there for under $10.00 each.

Good luck,



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If you don't mind second hand clothes Goodwill and Ebay are great choices. Huntington has a great second hand store called The Family Store that has all clothing half off on Wednesday's. If you need directions let me know.



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I found when I had my own unplanned pregnancy that you have 2 options for making it work--find 2 quality pieces for pants that you can wash and wear--make them something neutral like black or brown. Then you can make them look like a bunch of new outfits by getting different tops to match. This saves money in the long run.

As for stores with Maternity clothes that are reasonable, Sears has a maternity department that when on sale are quite reasonable, and the Wal-Mart on Coldwater now has a maternity department in the baby department. I always found that if you go into motherhood maternity (I prefer the one in Jefferson Pointe) and go to their clearance section, you can find solid pieces that are season appropriate that are quite inexpensive. I got cardigan sweaters for $12.00 there in September, and was able to wear them up to the birth of my baby on January 31st. Also, the cami-type tanks at Target are inexpensive and I wore them a millions times during my pregnancy and they were like the day I bought them.

Hope this helps!

A little about me:
I am the mother of 3.5 year old boy-girl twins and a nearly 2 week old little girl. I am married and work full time--I own my own home healthcare business and I live in Huntertown, IN.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I bought almost all of my maternity clothes off of Ebay and after I had my baby, I was able to re-sell them on Ebay and make almost all of my money back. You can get some great maternity clothes at affordable prices. I was wearing lots of great things like Pea in the Pod, Gap, Motherhood. You should give it a try. Any questions, let me know!

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