Affordable Dance Classes?

Updated on November 03, 2012
H.?. asks from Nampa, ID
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I have two girls aged 10 and 7 years old whom I would love to get into dance or tumble classes FOR FUN, NOT COMPETITIVE at a low cost. Ideally I would like to pay $20-$25 per child per month. Unfortunatly I cannot find anything in my price range in the Boise area! I would prefer to have them go somewhere in Nampa or Meridian so it is close to my home. Maybe I am totally unrealistic in my expectations, but if there is somewhere I could get them lessons in this price range I would love to hear about it! Oh, I am also interested in horseback riding lessons in the area if you know of a good place for that too! Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

Check rec centers in your area. This is a good way for kiddos to "try out" an activity without the hassle of contracts, competitions, etc. Our center offers a variety of classes in the dance genre (ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, baton). They are reasonably priced and non-competitive. No cotract, just pay for the session - usually about 8 weeks. Classes are 1 hour each and taught by a legitimate dance instructor. There is often a "show" that the students prep for. It is, however, strictly voluntary and no pressure to perform or buy costumes (generally very simple) if you are not interested.



answers from Denver on

I checked out the local parks and rec and there were several options.


answers from Houston on

Find some cheerleaders or dancers from your local high school or middle school and have them practice steps in your garage or den.



answers from Colorado Springs on

The YMCA usually has lots of affordable programs - looks like the Boise area has several Y locations. They also usually offer package deals for families who want to do multiple activities. Plus you can work out or sit in a hot tub while they dance.

Good luck and I hope the girls have fun!



answers from Boise on

Cheapest is Canyon Dance Academy in Caldwell. You should expect to pay somewhere close to $40-45 a month per child. My daughter does ballet at a really nice studio in Nampa, for her class it is $42 a month.

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