Affordable Catering for a 50Th Birthday Party

Updated on July 30, 2008
M.M. asks from Littleton, CO
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Hi, my husband is turning 50 this August, I want to throw a party for him. It will be at the house in the backyard. I really don't want to cook, any suggestions or experiences for affordable catering, nothing fancy, maybe Subway or Qdoba?
Thanks in advance. M.

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answers from Denver on

We just did a 50th anniversary party for my grandparents, and used Bennet's BBQ. They come, set up, serve the food, provide iced tea, plates, cups, plastic silverware, etc.... and it seems like it costs between $8 and $10 a person, which is pretty reasonable for a catered meal. Then they clean up, and package up all the left overs. I think they even take the trash. I don't know if that is too much for your budget, or if you need to accommodate a special diet, but they really do a good job.

Good luck with the party planning!


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answers from Denver on

Hi M.!
My husband just started a low key catering/bbq operation. He will run the food part of your party and can do great smoked brisket, chicken, pulled pork, AMAZING baked beans and spicy cole slaw plus other sides and a dessert (depending on what you want on your menu)

The cost really depends on how many people you have cooming, but he is cheaper than Bennets, Dickeys or County Line bbq.

We live in the KenCaryl Wadsworth area, but will go most anywhere in the metro area.

Let me know if you are interested.

Good luck at your party! :)

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answers from Denver on

Why not have a pot luck? When you invite the guests, ask them to bring a salad, dessert, so forth and just worry about a main course. That way you don't have the entire financial burden of feeding everyone and it also saves time.

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answers from Denver on

I know Q-Doba does a great job and is affordable, and I also hear that Sweet Tomatoes does catering and is usually a hit (not sure how affordable). And if you have a Sam's Club membership, they do great. I just got a sandwich platter from there yesterday to feed 18 people. The sandwiches were HUGE and I ended up cutting them in half and having more than enough food. Good luck and have fun!

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answers from Denver on

We have always used Baja Fresh, or Chick a Filet. If you want bbq theres a great place called Sam Taylors BBQ on Leedsdale and Cherry street. I believe they deliver and its family owned.
My friends do a place called twisters and they get these mexican casseroles. I hope this helps and gl.

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