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Updated on October 09, 2007
S.H. asks from Jenks, OK
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My father-in-law was just diagnosed with lung cancer that has also spread to his lymph nodes. I was wondering if anyone has any advise on treatment options or success stories. He is very depressed and already planning his funeral. They have said they cannot remove his lung and his doctor said he would not have chemo if it was him. I wanted to know if anyone knows anyone who has survived or died and how much time he may have. Also, I have two young children 3 and 5 and was wanting some advise on how to "break the news" to them.

A little extra information: This is the 3rd doctor to tell him he has metastatic lung cancer. Since Feb. he has been sick and they kept saying it was just a sinus infection and giving him antibiotics. In May one of his co-workers called to say he hadn't shown up for work or called in two days. When my brother-in-law went to his house his head was hurting so bad he couldn't move. We took him to the ER and again they said it was a sinus infection. We kept insisting that they run some tests because we knew something more was going on. Finally they said it was viral meningitis and sent him home. He wasn't getting better so he went back to the doctor who told him it may be a few months before he is better. Two days later he checked himself into the hospital again and was told he may have lung cancer. After running some tests they confirmed it, then came back and said we are sorry we were wrong it isn't cancer. After another hospital visit and a new doctor it was confirmed by 3 doctors that it was metastatic lung cancer. They are trying to figure out where it started and are running more tests but have said it is stage 4. We are at the hospital everyday and go to every doctors appointment to make sure we get all the information the doctor has since my f-i-l can't remember everything. The dr. said he doesn't think he body would recover good enough if they removed the lung and that his white? blood cells are too low for chemotherapy. He said it was our choice but said he would be sick a lot from the treatment and if it were him he would rather live what time he had left not being so sick if it were only going to prolong his life a few more months.

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So What Happened?

I want to thank you all for your responses and prayers for my family. To update you all, the doctors told us yesterday that the cancer has spread all over his brain and is a very rapidly moving cancer. They are giving him up to 5 months. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Thank you all again.

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my grandpa is going through the same thing but it was in his lymphnodes first and now its in his lungs.he did chemo and radiation for the lymphnodes and got so sick and depressed he couldnt do it anymore. he lost about 50lbs while on chemo and he has decided that he will just let it run its course and if its his time then so be it. he refuses to go through the chemo again and i cant blame him it was awful. a second opinion is the best idea and treatment is ultimately up to him but if he gets the treatment its going to be a long hard road. as far as the kids just explain to them that he is very sick and then if he does pass remind them how sick he was and tell them god's angels took him to heaven to make him better! my thoughts and prayers are with your family i know firsthand how hard this all is and is going to be good luck!



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Hi S.,

My Dad passed away a few years ago from Cancer and the best advice anyone can give is find a "living" doctor. Most cancer docs always want to give you the "life expectancy" and want "to make you feel comfortable." They are just trying to help you die.

My Dad's doctor was awesome he was always upbeat and positive they were always trying new things and going over the latest innovative cancer procedure. My Dad was given 6 months and survived 2 years. I honestly believe it was largely in part to a doc who lifted him up.

Now grant it my Dad had colon cancer and secondary matastasized cancer on his liver. The one thing the doc told my Dad was LIVE. You don't know how long you have so live life to its fullest.

I understand what you and your family are going through and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

My thoughts are with you.



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I'm an oncology nurse, metastatic lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. My first suggestion is that he get a second opinion and have family present for the appt. When a person hears they have cancer, they often can't process the remaining information because it feels like a death sentence. At this time met.lung cancer is not cureable, however, depending on where his disease has spread and what his health is like otherwise, there are MANY option for treatment to stablize the disease or provide comfort. I work for Cancer Care Associates in Tulsa, we have offices all over Oklahoma. I've worked for this group for 7 years and can honestly say I would not send my friends or family to any other group of doctors in the state. I've had patients that have survived 3-5 years or more with treatment- no it wasn't a cure, but that was 3-5 years they had to make every day count!
Please email me if I can be of assistance with more info:
God Bless,



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I am deeply sorry to hear about this. A large part of your questions can be answered by knowing what stage the cancer is in. Ask the doctors to be candid with you, they will usually respect you and do so. My father was diagnosed with stage four cancer and he passed in 5 and a half weeks. And a friend's dad had the same and he lived much much longer. He too planned his funeral, which was hard, but when the time came it was a blessing for us, his children because my mother is not in a state where she could help. I dont know your beliefs, and i am not trying to sound religious, but I know what you are feeling, and I know that Jesus gave us much comfort through this and I also know that He has done miracles for our family as well.



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The only people that I know of that have ever survived a really grim diagnosis were those that made a radical change in their diet. Most people are not willing or strong enough to do this. However, this would be something like going to a completely raw food diet with multiple green drink juices made fresh throughout the day. It would be all organic food of course and absolutely nothing processed ever put in his mouth again. Many people have survived a worse prognosis than his. You might get the book A Cure for all Cancers by Dr. Clark and research Dr. William Kelly's work on cancer. Dr. Clark's book enlightens the reader to all the contaminated and toxic products in our homes that perpetuate cancer, and the late Dr. Kelly developed his own program after curing himself of pancreatic cancer. There are many more out there with similar stories but these are two that came to mind. I know of two people personally, one with a brain tumor and one with lung cancer, both who completely cured themselves through diet. Both were given only months to live. Do your homework in alternative practices, not mainstream medicine. Your father in law may not be willing to do anything at all so in that case you will need to respect his wishes. Good luck



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You have my thoughts and prayers for your father-in-law. Like the other woman, I would insist on a second opinion.

I have no personal experience with this but I would say your father in law has as long as he wants to have.

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