Advice with Christian Private Schools in Dallas.

Updated on December 03, 2006
S.H. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi Moms,
Asking for any advice or experience with either of the following schools: Trinity Christian (Addison) or Covenant (N. Dallas). We are selecting a school for our son to begin kindergarten, for next year. Any pros/cons you can share would be helpful. Thanks--- Susan

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I have a kindergardner at Trinity this year and absolutely love it! If you have not already visited, once you walk into a classroom you will be blown away. It is the most loving, nurturing environment. I have met some wonderful families there also. Nothing but positive things to say about Trinity.



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Both are great schools! I am a graduate of Trinity (class of '91) and my father is still involved on the board. It is a great school and I loved it and was glad my parents sacrificed so that I could go there. The academics are top notch, the teachers are overly qualified, and wonderfully caring, Christian people. I was very prepared for college. There are great extra-curricular activities.

I know a number of families from my church who attend Covenant from my church. They love it as well. The headmaster, Mike Beidel used to be the headmaster at Trinity when I was there. He is a great man who has done a lot of wonderful things for several Christian schools in the area. Covenant is building a new campus closer to where we live (Lake Highlands) so it will be a school we consider when the time comes to make a school choice.

Both schools are great and you really cannot go wrong with either. It really is just which one fits you and your family better. I would suggest making a campus visit to both schools. You can really tell a lot then. Also I received the advice not to try to choose a kindergarten based on the fact that your child will be there in high school. They may or may not. Choose the best school for where your child is now.

Good luck.



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I know Trinity Christian Academy is a great school, and I would love for my kids to be there (I have daughters, 2 and 5). We opted to move into a good public school district instead of going with private, but my heart is really for a Christian school.

I don't know about Covenant...maybe Google around and see if there are any references out there.

Best wishes!



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I agree with the other responses that both are great schools. I think the main difference is the method they use to teach. Covenant uses the classical approach. It is kind of hard to explain and I suggest you search on the web for an indepth explanation but here is one excerpt I found:

What makes classical Christian education so effective? First, it is based on what has been called the trivium. No matter how your child learns, he or she goes through three phases. In grades K-6, students are excellent at memorizing. In grades 7-8, students become more argument-oriented. They are ready to be taught logic and critical thinking. In grades 9-12, students become independent thinkers and communicators particularly concerned with their appearance to others. To this end, classical education teaches them “rhetoric,” the art of speaking, communicating, and writing. The website I got this from is

I have several friend who's kids go to Covenant and they love it. My husband and I plan to send our girls there. (They are only 2 and 4 right now.)

I think all private schools have an open house in January.

Hope this helps.

K. W.

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